Sunday, March 31, 2013

Top 3 types of trending glasses

Eyeglasses have become the very fashion forward accessory for trendsetter. Hey, hotties, have you prepared at least one pair of fashion eyeglasses to demonstrate your individuality? Here, I'd like to listed top types of fashion eyeglasses. Do your eyeglasses belong to these stylish types? Let's find out as follows:

Top 1: Vintage glasses 

As the overwhelming coming back of vintage style, vintage glasses have become the most fashionable types of glasses. Vintage glasses are spotted on the faces of those people ranging from office workers to party goers. If you are looking for fashion eyeglasses, vintage glasses are second-to-none choice. If you are into retro style, vintage glasses will add the final touch to your retro outfits.

Top 2: Nerd glasses

Nerd eyeglasses have made quite a stir in fashion circle. Many hot celebs are spotted wearing nerd eyeglasses, from cute Justin Bieber to sexy Justin Timberlake, which make lots of their fans to follow suit. Since nerd glasses have become the stylish accessory, nerd eyeglasses have become an ideal choice of eyewear, which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Top 3: Aviator glasses

With the strong influence of aviator sunglasses, aviator eyeglasses are the must have fashion accessory for fashionistas. Aviator eyeglassesare all the time classic and chic, be they prescription ones or non prescription ones. Have you treated yourself a pair of classic aviator eyeglasses? If you are searching for fashion eyeglasses, wearing aviator glasses is a great way to go.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get Cheap Glasses Online for Below 10 Dollars

Online shopping is the best way to get glasses as cheap as possible. There are a wide range of choices that I can choose from when I want to buy cheap glasses online, but I finally lock down at OzealGlasses simple because I'm very much satisfied with the qualities, designs and services. Of course, price is always one of my major concerns. OzealGlasses is home to one of the cheapest glasses online. Here I will introduce some cheap glasses at OzealGlasses. These are all discounted glasses whose prices are below 10 dollars. Let's first get a glimpse of what these cheap glasses online are. 

Even though you are choosing cheap glasses online, you should be happy to know that the choices are not limited at all. Actually, there are almost as many styles and choices as you choose other glasses that are not discounted. For example, you can choose horn rimmed glasses and square glasses. Most of these glasses are designed with special colors. Choose a pattern that suits your personality is a very interesting thing to do. Moreover, you cannot only find glasses with patterns on the arms but also find glasses that are without patterns. All in all, if you want to choose a unique color and a unique design, OzealGlasses can provide you with a wide range of choices.

It is wrong to think cheap glasses online, especially discounted glasses as unreliable because their quality, materials and etc have no difference with the same glasses that are made of the same materials. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Sometimes you can find a lot of surprises by choosing discounted glasses as this is the cheapest way to enjoy the joy that fashion brings to your life. Get cheap glasses online and live your life in a different way.(Source:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

National Day, Mothers’ Day, Why Not Nerd Day?

Do you own a laptop, or a microscope, or graphing calculator, or even a laser printer? Can you explicitly tell who Albert Einstein is and who James Clerk Maxwell is? Did you build the computer you are currently working on? Does engineer sound very fun to you? Do social rituals seem like disasters to you? Do your faces flush when you talk to girls?
If “YES” to all the above questions, well then, you can define yourself as a “NERD”.
Don’t panic! If you are called a nerd by your roommates, classmates or colleagues, you are recognized as freakily intelligent, passionate about your academic pursuit and a bit awkward in a cute way. Now people start to appreciate the uniqueness of nerds and many of them even dress like nerds, like teaming a semi-witty t-shirt with a hoody and a pair of canvas sneakers and most importantly, a pair of horn-rimmed glasses.
The even greater news is that a glasses online shop in UK, Ozeal Glasses, literally started by a group of nerds, set 14th March (world widely known as π Day) as the NERDA DAY so as to celebrate being nerdy and outstanding by launching a brand new glasses line: Nerd Glasses, handpicked by stylists and specially designed for anyone who wants to highlight the stylish nerdy looking.
Yeah, that’s hilarious. Besides comic book stores, laboratories, virtual online space, nerds have another place to refer to- In order to make this more serious and exciting, Ozeal Glasses even claim that all the students can take a 40% off voucher if you buy glasses from this website on 14th March.(source: Ozeal Blog)

Newcomer of Pi Day: Ozeal’s Big Surprise for All Nerds

Have you eaten pie and discussed how important the π is with your guys today? March, 14 to scientific nerds is almost what Paris Fashion week to fashionistas.
In fact, nerd is no more a negative term. Nerds from all walks of life are bold to show their differences and ideas especially in their day. As for me, I am proud of being a nerd who is a die-hard fan of writing and I write this article to celebrate my day. Ozeal is no exception. As a young and energetic online glasses store full of fashion nerds, Ozeal won’t let us down. Except eating pie and discussing the importance of π number, Ozeal shows us a new way to celebrate it.
What comes to us first when we talk about a nerd? Yes, a dull guy with a pair of nerd glasses. So nerd glasses are Ozeal’s special offer for our Pi day. Promoting nerd fashion by launching a series of posh and fabulous glasses and giving nerds special treatment: a 40% off only if you offered the student ID.
These stylish glasses will definitely go well with your attitude while accent your exclusive fashion taste. And the irresistible discount can save a considerate amount of money to invest in what makes you a nerd. Isn’t it a big surprise for all nerds? So why not celebrate our day with Ozeal?(source: Ozeal Blog)

Nerds, How TO Celebrate Your Pi Day?

March 14 = 3.14 = Pi Day, named after the mathematical constant which is the ratio of a Euclidean circle’s circumference to its diameter. Now known to nerds everywhere as “π Day”, March 13 is an excuse to flaunt our nerdness, and several must-do things to celebrate our festival.

1. Memorize Pi: Try to memorize as many digits of Pi as you can. Can you break Chao Lu’s pi memory record of 67,890 digits over 24 hours in 2005, or even Akira Haraguchi’s 83,431 decimal places? Check out and challenge pi record-holders at Pi World.

2 Make Pie: Make some irrational pie to commemorate the “irrational” number—Pi. Aloo pie, apple pie, meat pie, banana cream pie, banoffee pie, bean pie and Amish sauerkraut surprise custard pie are all those you can choose. Add πon the surface or even make them into π.

3 Be A Real Nerd: Dress to be a nerd with a pair of Ozeal nerd glasses. These glasses will help you to transform yourself from a regular guy or girl to a hot nerd. And even people who don’t need glasses are buying up the frames. Join the nerdy band and stop being unnoticed.

Turn Your Ordinary Nerd Look Into One To Remember

The black rim nerd glasses have taken the world by storm; teens, fashionistas as well as celebrities in general seem to find extremely fun to adopt this weird style. Turn your ordinary nerd look into one to remember, Ozeal rounded up 3 ways to dress for you.The black rim nerd glasses have taken the world by storm; teens, fashionistas as well as celebrities in general seem to find extremely fun to adopt this weird style. Turn your ordinary nerd look into one to remember, Ozeal rounded up 3 ways to dress for you.
  1. If you are a fun of plaid shirts which always classic and cute with lower cost, try to combo them with casual pants and a pair of white board shoe; you make yourself a typical nerd.
  2. If you want to get a cool and casual look, you can wear a leisure suit coat and pair of dark brown hiking boots. Layer with other pieces like scarf and metal necklace chain, a real smart and stylish nerdy look can be made.
  3. If you want to look mature and gentle with black rim nerd glasses, Tinie Tempah in a Dolce & Gabbana Martini Suit give you the cues to make it perfect. Nerd glasses and suit can be a surprising match.
Guys, stop being boring with your regular looks and start looking nerdy! Fake the nerdy interests even though you're not into computers or math. Use your pieces to make an impression.(source:Vintageoo)

Ozeal nerd glasses:Make Your BF Nerdy & Trendy

You have a boyfriend. He’s a freakily smart genius. He’s passionate about science, math or physics. His face exudes confidence while talking about weird stuff like complicated physics experiments. You just love these amazing things about him.
However, he always shows up in ill-fitting pants, short-sleeved oxford shirts with batman print in the front, canvas sneakers and pays no attention to how his hair will look. You even find it embarrassing to introduce him to your friends.
Well, the good news is that stylists from Ozeal Glasses have some amazing tips for you to make your BF adorably nerdy and smothering hot.
  • Find him a barber who knows very well what hairstyles are popular currently.
  • Take him to a store selling retro clothing. Vintage style is making a huge comeback and you can find some really cool jeans and jackets for him. These stuff can make him trendy and he will not feel uncomfortable in these low-profiled stuff he never tried on before.
  • Choose a stylish frame. How can your BF look both nerdy and trendy without a pair of perfectly fit glasses? Check out the Nerd Glasses collection from Ozeal Glasses.
If you are with a nerd guy, never let him go. With some little tricks, you can show him to your friends and brag about his remarkable academic accomplishments at the same time.(source:GlassesHunter)

Pi Day: Dressed To Be A Real Nerd

Pi Day! The nerdy holiday celebrated by math and computer nerds worldwide. It is the day we nerds gather around to hold our party. Nerds, have you been correctly dressed for the gathering? Check out your makeup with the following essentials.
1. Wear nerd glasses.

The thick-framed nerd specs have topped the list of must-have accessories for nerdy look. And even the most ill-informed man knows those are the mark of a true nerd. Don’t have? Then a pair of classic black-rimmed Wayfarer, Gazelle glasses or Cat eye glasses from Ozeal Nerd Glasses can first satisfy your look.
2 Wear nerdy patterns.

Checkers, plaid, and argyle can be mighty and all-match which no nerd should go without. Try to find a sweater, vest, skirt, or dress in these prints, worn alone or layered with other pieces, and you those can magnify your nerdy look.

 3 Wear the right shoes.

A pair of bowling shoes or saddle shoes is a must for nerds. Plus, a pair of sneakers or loafers is also nerdy shoes which can also dress down your outfit. Try to find one in light and bright color, and you can benefit a lot from it.(source:GlassesHunter)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 interesting activities for pi day

After 2009, Pi Day is known all over the world. And more and more people take party to celebrate it, such as eating pie and discussing the significance of Pi, on the 14th March. Today, let me show you some interesting activities on the internet to celebrate pi day.

Ozeal Pi Day

Find pi and have your Pi-Day spree with OzealGlasses. How many pi s can you find? Share your opinions by comment. Celebrate Pi-Day as a nerd does.

Pi Day Spree: Nerds are all going nuts

Pi=3.14. 14th March is the Pi Day and Ozeal got so many ways to celebrate it: Find pi, eat pie, calculate pi...While nerds have their own ways to enjoy the day. How nerds go crazy at the day?

Ozeal video:

Pi Day Dessert Pie Recipes

Sweets that are easy as Pi

Simple and easy to make pie recipes - a sure winner and a must for your Pi Day party celebration. I personally selected these Pi Day pie recipe lenses by other lensmasters.

How to distinguish Geeks and Nerds

I always can not distinguish geeks and nerds. Yesterday I look this article, i would like share it with you.
Geeks and nerds now rule! We did it. Our pioneers such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have paved the way for the nerd fashion or geek chic which makes us be proud of being one of nerds or geeks. But am I on earth a geek or a nerd? They are sister words but we also need “pigeon-holing” to know more about ourselves. This one minute test has the answer.
1.      What do you love to use in your dialogue?
A: jargon or unfamiliar terminology such as
B: Obscure references such as
2.      What topic are you interested in?
A: microcosmic details of life like good at iterating exactly the articles or words you love
B: macroscopic topic like what’s the future of mankind and caring more about the universe rather than what’s the fashion or latest news today
3.      Social skill: are you sky to talk to others?
A: Yes, especially when the topic lands on my particular passion
B: No, even when topic comes to what I expert in.
4.      What kind of people you has always been accompanied by?
A: All kinds
B: Nerds only
5.      What’s your job?
A: IT departments, web design, graphic design, game designs, local record store
B: Rocket scientist, software engineer, inventor or recluse
If you got more A than B, then you are a geek who has general social skill and particular passion.
In contrast you are a nerd who is shy and unconfident to communicate with others and find the confidence in your nerds’ world. Check OZEAL BLOG if you still have any doubt.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wearing ozeal nerd glasses for pi day

Bill Gates: ‘Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.’

Let s think like a nerd, act like a nerd, and dress like a nerd.

—-14 March Ozeal Nerd Festival 

Nerds is the word which refers to the people that who used to wear nerd glasses and other people try make of them but then they actually work for the real world. But now these glasses are on the top of the list in high fashion. Nerd glasses were actually horn rimmed glasses when it got started manufacturing, which is used to make with the combination of horn and tortoise shell material. Later they became black, heavy and dark framed glasses which lack nose pads. Since they are without nose pads these glasses are placed on the side of the upper end of nose. Nerd glasses are commonly referred to as the dark, plastic eye glasses with thickness of the frame ranges from 0.25/4 inches to ¼ inches, these measurements actually make them so heavy.

Nerd glasses climbed the stairs of popularity because of an American actor named Harold Lloyd in early 1900s. He used to wear nerd glasses every time whenever he acted and brought these glasses to the mainstream.Then the glasses gained popularity through 30s and got to an extreme extent 50s when musician Buddy Holly used a series of large, bulky square shaped glasses for his videos and for front album cover posters. The style particularly in black and also got available in varying shades remained popular in 50s, until 70s when different types of large and steel aviator frames started to became popular.

The different types of round horn-rimmed glasses started to get listed in fashion in 80s, with tortoiseshell being the most fashionable among smart and intelligent entrepreneurs and the white variant of nerd glasses became popular among different musicians and their fans. But horned rimmed glasses went out of fashion in 90s but became most popular in the beginning of the new decade and still in fashion since. These glasses were in so much fashion statement and the popularity level got so high that most of these glasses fans used to wear these without lenses.

Because nerd glasses is so popular that OzealGlasses launch a new series of glasses: Ozeal NerdGlasses. As pi day is coming, wearing a pair of ozeal nerd glasses. Come on!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cheap Yet Fashionable Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses have been proven to be very helpful for people who have vision problems. While there are advanced solutions to visual refractive errors, prescription glasses are still the best approach for vision correction. There are some eye doctors who actively promote the use of contact lenses. Some people prefer using it because of the comfort and the natural feel it gives. People who use contact lenses consider eyeglasses as things in the past, maybe because of its old-fashioned look.

Well, using discounted eyeglasses will typically change one's appearance because they are external devices. However, there are now fashionable eyeglasses that are not only created to correct vision problems but will also improve a person's appearance. These are also cheap eyeglasses, letting anyone save money while enjoying its benefits. In fact, buying eyeglasses with fashionable designs is becoming a trend for people who don't have visual problems. Some of them would use a specific design for everyday use, using a different design for their eyeglasses next day.

Today, online stores for fashionable eyeglasses have become really popular and more and more people are buying eyeglasses online. Products sold online are cheap eyeglasses and some of them are discounted eyeglasses. Shopping online will also allow you to shop with convenience at your own home. However, if you are planning to solve your vision problems by using eyeglasses next day, there are few things that you need to know and understand to avoid further discomforts.

Good personal appearance is a very important factor for buying eyeglasses. While there are many natural choices for visual correction, like the use of contact lenses and undergoing eye surgical procedures, there are patients who are willing to bear the discomfort caused by wearing unfashionable spectacles. Eye laser surgery like LASIK can help patient avoid himself to wear corrective eyewear for lifetime. And even those contact lenses can provide more natural results. However, one major reason why innovative eyeglasses are popular for many people is because manufacturers have applied fashionable elements to its design. It is actually a requirement to produce prescription fashionable eyeglasses because buyers are more than willing to buy them because of its stylish look.

Today, there are an increasing number of manufacturers that offer discounted eyeglasses as well as fashionable eyeglasses, making the buying process easier. People can get cheap eyeglasses from many places, either from a physical store or online. Majority of the eyewear users today are ordering their fashionable eyeglasses from online sellers. One reason for this is that buying eyeglasses online will allow you to choose different styles while getting them at a very low price.