Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to distinguish Geeks and Nerds

I always can not distinguish geeks and nerds. Yesterday I look this article, i would like share it with you.
Geeks and nerds now rule! We did it. Our pioneers such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have paved the way for the nerd fashion or geek chic which makes us be proud of being one of nerds or geeks. But am I on earth a geek or a nerd? They are sister words but we also need “pigeon-holing” to know more about ourselves. This one minute test has the answer.
1.      What do you love to use in your dialogue?
A: jargon or unfamiliar terminology such as
B: Obscure references such as
2.      What topic are you interested in?
A: microcosmic details of life like good at iterating exactly the articles or words you love
B: macroscopic topic like what’s the future of mankind and caring more about the universe rather than what’s the fashion or latest news today
3.      Social skill: are you sky to talk to others?
A: Yes, especially when the topic lands on my particular passion
B: No, even when topic comes to what I expert in.
4.      What kind of people you has always been accompanied by?
A: All kinds
B: Nerds only
5.      What’s your job?
A: IT departments, web design, graphic design, game designs, local record store
B: Rocket scientist, software engineer, inventor or recluse
If you got more A than B, then you are a geek who has general social skill and particular passion.
In contrast you are a nerd who is shy and unconfident to communicate with others and find the confidence in your nerds’ world. Check OZEAL BLOG if you still have any doubt.

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