Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rimless glasses-Keep thing minimalistic

Almost invisible, rimless eyeglasses don’t box themselves into a singular fashion. Icons like Sarah Palin, Steve Jobs, etc., have caused a rimless eyeglasses craze. These stylized eyeglasses appear perfect for all occasions whether it is a casual gathering or a formal meeting. Its smart and sharp look is the reason behind the popularity of this eyewear among celebrities, politicians, authors, etc. These glasses have been worn by many actors to define the look of their characters and to get a serious persona. 

Rimless Glasses are spectacles whose lenses are not surrounded by plastic, metal, etc. Both the lenses are attached using a bridge and each end is connected with the temples that extend to wearer's eyes. There are a variety of factors contributing to the popularity of these glasses, comfort being a top one. These glasses are extremely light in weight and thus comfortable to wear, so if wearing eyeglasses annoys you, rimless spectacles might be your answer. Its lightweight property also makes it a perfect choice for those with an active lifestyle as these don’t cause any discomfort even if worn over an extensive period of time.

Further, you can use lens of any shape and size as there is no issue of frame size. Another advantage is that with rimless glasses, you need not buy another frame in case your power increases, you can simply replace your current lenses with new ones and thus update your glasses without spending whole lots of cash.

A sophisticated yet stylish look and minimal interference (these are almost invisible) are some other reasons that make these glasses extremely appealing

Lastly, Rimless eyewear is not just a fashion accessory but is more efficient in vision correction and is recommended by many eye care professionals around the world, making rimless spectacles, the first choice for everyone, from students to celebrities.

Lenses without frames, rimless eyeglasses uphold the illusion of wearing glasses just as much as the illusion of intelligence. Almost any type of face shape goes well with rimless eyewear, be it a teenager with an oblong face, a professor with a round face, a doctor with an oval face, or be it a chairman or a company's head with any face shape, rimless spectacles suit every personality type and provide a smart and sharp look irrespective of age and gender. They however do look best on people with a larger forehead.

Apart from rimless glasses, you can also opt for semi-rimless frame if you are tired of using the full glass frames. These types of spectacles have a section of the frame covered around the top of the lenses but not around the bottom of the frame.


  1. Always feel that rimless glasses is very easy to damage.

  2. The man who wear the rimless glasses let a person feel very gentleman.