Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Tragedy of Vicky Pryce

Vicky Pryce
If you pay only a little attention to recent official announcements or the UK news, you will get the clues of Vicky Pryce’s tragedy. Well, if not, here give chances to the whole story. 

Vicky Pryce-Successful Female Economist 

Vicky Pryce, who always wears a pair of prescription glasses and the sedate expression, shows such an intelligent and rigorous image to the audience. She is famous as one of the several successful female economists. Also, she was the former Joint Head of the United Kingdom's Government Economic Service and was made a Companion of the Order of the Bath in 2009. 

Vicky Pryce Known as Convicted Criminal 

However, what makes her really popular are not the achievements she produced in the past tens of years but a negative judgement entered on 7 March 2013. There she got the worldwide “fame” by the conviction of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and the sentence of eight months in prison. 

Vicky Pryce Stripped of Queen's Honor 

And yesterday she managed to get another large-scale attention by the Queen’s announcement, which finally stripped her honor of Companion of the Order of the Bath. And it also means that the name Vicky Pryce would be erased from the Register of the said Order. 

Envy-The Root of All Evil 

It is obvious that the three speeding penalty points she took for her ex-husband is the beginning of the whole tragedy, and her heavy envy is the real root of all evil. It is she herself ruined the promising career and fame in such a stupid way. What a tragic it is!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Drop Waist Dresses: Inspired from 1920s Fashion

Many people give their preference to 1920s dresses when they are asked about their favorite clothing style. The reason is that there is a magic hidden inside 1920s style dresses that makes them sensitive and favorable. The style is often called as vintage style. These days, all forms of vintage 1920s dresses have attracted the young generation. Who doesn’t like 1920s fashion? This fashion is somewhat that makes each person alive. It’s the fact that 1920s fashion for women is very much based on drop waist dresses. 

Drop waist dresses get suited on some selected body types. Women who are fat should avoid wearing this style. Drop waist dresses are inspired from 1920s fashion trends. Fashion-savvies believe that these types of dresses are produced for drawing the attention on hips. This is why these dresses give unfavorable outline to the fat women. It seems that fashion in 1920s never considerate the pros and cons before starting any clothing style. Truly, drop waist dresses are a type of flirty dresses that can make any men mad at the women who wears them. This is the enchantment involved in wearing dropped waist dresses.(source:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oversized Sunglasses for Overall Stylishness

Oversized Sunglasses
Today’s fashion world has adopted a trend of being big and oversized. Whether it is your shoes, clothes, earrings or sunglasses; all have altered their form. The concept of oversized sunglasses has been invented through this modification. Many celebrities have a high regard for wearing various shades of oversized glasses. One fact needs to be considered in case of oversized glasses. You will get surprised after knowing that oversized glasses are a kind of retro glasses. Retro look clearly gets to see after looking at the oversized glasses frames. 

On the other hand, oversized glasses are the best choice for improving your look. Many fashion gurus have suggested oversized glasses for this summer. Though these are big glasses their shape never affects the look of a person wearing them. They get perfectly matched with all types of face shapes and skin tones. These big frame glasses have got tremendous importance into today’s fashion trends. Looking at the growing popularity of these big sunglasses many people have started purchasing them for this summer.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lady Gaga Glasses List

Lady Gaga is an extremely stylish lady that you may have seen till this date. She is popular for making numerous experiments on glasses. No matter where she performs; irrespective of her songs to outfits; she always surprises her fans by wearing trendy glasses. Therefore, lady gaga glasses has become a topic of discussion for all fashion lovers. When it comes to lady gaga sunglasses always get utmost priority to discuss about. 

Lady Gaga has worn several types of Grotesque glasses. Her favorite collection of Grotesque glasses includes Dejour View, Versace, Marc Jacobs-Mask, and Linda Farrow-Mickey Mouse. All these gaga glasses have some special characteristics that are mentioned below. 

The Dejour View worn by Lady Gaga included black diamond lenses embellished with steel circles. She preferred Versace T76 which is intended with a frail vintage style. Her collection into Marc Jacobs-Mask includes a horizontal mask in a translucent pink frame color. Her Lind Farrow-Mickey Mouse style was inspired from a cartoon. The lastly mentioned style is more popular among the children.(Source: GlassesHunter)

Browline Glasses-Let Eyebrows Frame the Eyes

Eyeglasses always get treated as one of the most enhancing trends into the world of fashion. Usage of glasses got categorized into the fashion statements during the middle of 19th century. During the time of 1950’ and 60’s, the newest version in glasses got established. People were newly watching classic frames into the glasses. Browline Glasses did this change. What factors usually get counted into the eyewear trends? Apart from color, frame size, and frame shape; there is one more factor that has great influence on eyewear trends. The ability of frames and lenses to cover the most part of your face is one factor that affects the fashion in positive manner. Frames of these glasses are made from two sticks. The best part about browline glasses frames is that these frames have bold design that could easily resemble the eyebrows. Therefore the name of this style is given as browline glasses. The bottom frame is little invisible in nature.

Many famous eyewear brands started following the design of browline glasses. Into most recent eyewear trends 2013 year is stuck on browline glasses. Ray-Ban; the famous brand into eyewear has also followed the browline glasses design into many of their glass categories. Clubmaster is the best example of it where Ray-Ban has used the concept of browline glasses. This is how browline frames are popular among the famous eyewear brands. Initially production of browline glasses was limited to black and brown colors, but these frames are now available into the series of colors that include white, red, and cream colors.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Vintage Clothes: Element of Retro Style

Do you know the meaning of vintage style? Usually vintage style is considered as the fashion that comes from a different epoch. It is necessary to know that vintage style is not like looking at your grandmother’s closet but it’s a fashion trend born into this glamorous world. Almost all clothing companies have started manufacturing vintage clothes. The reason is that they have got to know about the needs of a fashion lover. These companies carry out excellent experiments on vintage style clothes by adding a touch of modern fashion to the old attires. The resulting element is truly regarded as the reinvention 

Clothes that have manufactured by keeping a vintage style in mind have facility to adopt a completely new version of retro style. Retro is a meaningful word and it includes all fashionable clothes, trendy accessories, and other style offering factors that were popular during the old days. Retro style clothing includes hippie, floral print dresses, and leisure suits. Some more examples that could fit into the category of retro style are blouses with lace & trappings, disco shirts; floral print dresses, bowling shoes, and platform shoes.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 Shoe Trends for Men and Women

Shoes could be a most appealing fashion accessory if used properly. There is a wide collection on fashionable shoes available into the market. All fashion-savvy people keep their eyes on latest shoe trends. In year 2013 shoe trends have taken a big twist by means of a style, look, color, and the shape. Nowadays, people are more affectionate towards funky shoe forms. The actual concept of shoe trends could get elaborated after comparing shoe trends available into women’s shoes and men’s shoes. 

Women’s shoe trends: 
Women’s shoe
Heel shapes and designs get counted in case of women’s shoes. If you are tired of wearing sandals and skyscraper heels then apparently its time to change your style demands. In year 2013, the sandalboot is somewhat that could fulfill all your style demands. Salvatore Ferragamo is a creator of this classic design. These women’s shoes have features like sexy open toes. 

Men’s shoe trends: 
Men’s shoe
In case of men’s shoes, boots are at the top this year. You are suggested to try Palladium boot. These boots have got excellent comfort and chic design. These boots look fashionable when they get paired with classic leather jacket or motorcycle jacket.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vintage Pocket Watches for Men

Watches manufactured during the time period of 1935 to 1985 are considered as vintage. Because of the unforgettable nature, these vintage watches have become the best choice for men who desire for timeless vintage style. The main requirement of vintage fashion revolves around the usage of retro accessories such as sunglasses, attires, and the watches. Pocket watches for men have become popular these days. The best thing about these men’s pocket watches is that they fulfill both vintage as well as modern prerequisites of fashion. 

These antique pocket watches are popular for their manufacturing. It is necessary to look at the metal used during the manufacturing of a pocket watch. Platinum is considered as the most expensive metal in the manufacturing of vintage pocket watch; but you could opt for reasonable watch by selecting white gold, yellow gold or stainless steel like metal. These vintage watches come up with watch chain. So, you could also decide on selecting stylish pocket watch chain.(

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rimless Glasses-No.1 Choice

Have you ever heard about the rimless glasses? The concept behind designing the glasses has turned little technical from last few years. Therefore there is a huge variety available into the market if someone wishes to purchase specs. However, rimless reading glasses get more preference from the crowd. These glasses are rough and tough; and therefore their popularity is an obvious thing. If you are striving to get pair of glasses then you are suggested to look at few benefits of rimless glasses that are given below. 

High Accuracy: 

When it comes to the reading glasses people prefer evaluating the accuracy instead of look, size and shape of the glasses. Rimless glasses come with visual exploitation. Therefore these glasses could get produced with highly accurate lenses. So, if you wish accuracy then rimless glasses could be the best choice for you. 

Cost Effectiveness: 

Do you have little lower budget? Don’t worry because rimless glasses come at reasonable cost. There is no need to pay extra cash on these glasses because these glasses are produced by means of practical usage instead of style prospective. This doesn’t mean that these glasses are completely dull in nature. Rimless glasses get matched with the recent eyewear trends. There is a huge verity in rimless glasses frames based on the color, shape and size. Therefore apart from their practical use, these glasses are perfect by means of fashion as well. 

So, why to wait if you are getting high quality vision with moderate modishness within affordable price?(Source: GlassesHunter)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Olsen Sisters' Penchant for Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; also known as Olsen sisters, are the American actresses and designers. There is a huge crowd that follows both of these super fashionable models. They are well-known for wearing classic retro sunglasses. No matter what kind of sunglasses they wear, people always follow their style blindly. Many times Olsen sisters are caught into wayfarer sunglasses, and both of they look stunning into black wayfarer sunglasses. In year 2012, Olsen sisters attended the J. Mendel’s fashion show. During the show, most of people got mesmerized after watching Olsen sisters into wayfarer sunglasses. 

Many people know that these two Olsen twin sisters have their own name into the world of fashion. So, people always follow, discuss and talk about anything that Olsen sisters do. At the J. Mendel’s fashion show, Olsen sisters wore black dress along with the retro black wayfarer sunglasses. There is no doubt that both of them look stunning into any kind of dress but the most notable point is that they wore wayfarer sunglasses. This shows the love of Olsen sisters towards wayfarer sunglasses. This means that Olsen sisters prefer wayfarer sunglasses when it comes to the fashion sunglasses. Olsen sisters have oval shaped face and still they preferred big sunglasses. This means that; though these sunglasses get categorized into oversized sunglasses, anyone with any shape of face could wear them.(Source:Glassesclub)

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Watches – A Symbol of Fashion

In the world of fashion, watches have assumed an absolutely new significance. There was a time when people wore watches mainly for keeping track of time. That was the time of mechanical watches which were wound manually to maintain the time. As time has elapsed, it was during the 1980's when the mechanical and hand wound watches made a transition to the electronic watches where the hands of the wrist watches moved on the basis of an electronic quartz. Wrist watches have undergone a massive transition from being an item of necessity to becoming an essential item as a fashion accessory. Wrist watches today are worn more as a status symbol rather than a time keeper. A fine watch exhibits the taste of the person wearing it. Watches worn both by men and women come in a variety of shapes and designs as well as various brands of watches. 

Widespread Preference – Imported Watches

Over the years, there has been a perceptible increase in the demand for superior quality watches and particularly imported watches. In India, one of the major manufacturers of wrist watches was the nationalized Hindustan Machine Tools which introduced a large variety of watches for both men and women. These watches did not fare well in the Indian market since there was a widespread preference for world class watches from abroad. There were very few suppliers of imported watches in India and these became a rarity. Swiss watches are famous throughout the world since they have been engaged in the manufacture of internationally renowned watches for nearly two centuries and were widely acclaimed to be the "Timekeeper to the World".

Fossil and Omega Watches – Branded Watches in India

With the liberalization of imports by the Government, there has been a profusion of imported branded watches in the Indian market. Fossil watches, introduced in the early 1980's became extremely popular amongst men and women. They are considered to be a craze amongst the younger generation since they are stylish and heavy watches with steel cases. Fossil watchescome in a vast range of watches in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

The Fossil brand of watches is reasonably priced that are competitively priced to provide an ease of affordability to a majority of the people in India with a price range between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 13000. On the other hand, Omega watches have been acclaimed as one of the well known luxury watches in the world. Omega watches are prohibitively expensive and can only be bought by the elitists in the Indian society since the starting price of an Omega watch is at Rs. 1,75,000 and goes upwards to over Rs. 10,00,000/- which is an astronomical price and an unheard off price.

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