Thursday, May 30, 2013

Face Shape for Side-swept Bangs

Bangs are one among the recent fashion trends. Side-swept bangs are the most preferably used type of bangs. These days, many people are following different hairstyles with bangs. No matter what kind of face you have, side-swept bangs are always available for it. Side-swept bangs come in a large variety for the face which is round, oblong, diamond, oval, square or heart shaped. There are ample numbers of obsequious styles are available such as full bangs, wispy bangs, long bangs, straight bangs, long straight bangs, chopped bangs, cutting bangs, and side-wailed bangs. When it comes to fringe hairstyle 2013 year seems following bangs. 

In year 2013 hairstyles with bangs are at the top into the list of most preferred fashion looks. Side-swept bangs are one among the famous bangs for fashion. Followings tricks are helpful for understanding the uses of bangs. 

Side-swept bangs for rounded face: 

The fullness of face disappears after introducing long side-swept bangs. Your eyes will get highlighted if you use long side-swept bangs. Most of the celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams, and Kirsten Dunst prefer following this trend. 

Side-swept bangs for square face: 

If the width of forehead and jaw are same then the face is said to have square shape. Short side-swept bangs look decent on square shaped face. Most of the celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Lea Michele Olivia Wilde believes on using full bangs. 

Side-swept bangs for oblong face: 

Generally long and narrow faces are considered as oblong. Longer side-swept bangs are the best choice for those who have oblong face. This kind of bang is followed by celebrities like Liv Tyler, Iman, and Jamie Lee Curtis. 

Side-swept bangs for heart-shaped face: 

If your face has narrow chin with a wide forehead then it is heart-shaped. Long side-swept bangs are specially created for this kind of face. There is a huge craze of side-swept bangs in celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Christina Ricci and Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

Side-swept bangs for oval shape: 

Oval is considered as the ideal and perfect shape in case of the faces. Side-swept bangs either long or short, both are suitable for this face. There are celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Beyonce and Eva Longoria who continuously seem using various types of bangs.
(Fashion source: Hairstyle-spa)

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chanel Rings: Camelia 18K White Gold

Chanel Rings: Camelia 18K White Gold
Chanel rings really have ability to mesmerize anyone. They could really create a dazzling effect on the mind. Chanel customized rings are very expensive and this price includes the hard work and efforts that gets carried out on every piece of Chanel jewelry products. The price could get a privileged position in case of diamond rings. 

Camelia 18k white gold and rose diamond ring is one among the superior collections of Chanel rings. There are total 30 wonderful collections in Camelia. It is believed that the rose gold diamond ring is the top most model. Anybody could get confused in the selection process since all models have got high-standard look and fashionable designs. Though this ring is available in only 18k white gold there are two variations naming large and medium are available in it. Depending on your financial status, you could select any of these two variations. The two variations are really implausible and spectacular in nature. Anybody would get nutty on these variations.(Fashion source: Wow-jewel)

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Linen Clothing – The Stylish Wear Collection

Linen Clothing
In the cutting-edge world of latest trend, there's a allotment of focus placed on what's new. Magazines and websites certainly report on the newest and utmost items striking shop shelves. Linen clothing,fashionable by its very delineation means present! 

Although, just because something is the current fad doesn't make it the best. There are a plethora of time-proven apparel options out there that are both stylish and compelled to influence the people around you.

Which brings us to…drum roll delight… linen clothing!

"Linen clothing?" you state, "Isn't that what my tablecloth is made out of? What's so exceptional about that?"

While linen may appear like just another run-of-the-mill fabric, its annals is any thing but. This textile material proceeds back as far as several millennial, when ancient Egyptians gathered the localizedized flax vegetation in alignment to create a kind of products such as medicine, animal feed, and of course, linen.

Despite the myriad of items that came from the flax vegetation, linen apparel had a soft spot in the hearts of the Egyptian persons due to its ability to keep them cooling in the heat of the blistering wasteland sun. Illustrations of the material and the procedures used to method it are depicted on the partitions of numerous very old castles and tombs. Viewed as a emblem of wealth, it was often utilised as currency. It even was utilised to wrap up the lately deceased. That's right, when you glimpse a image of those mummified pharaohs in their ornate sarcophagi, they're covered head to toe in linen.

Linen clothing's popularity isn't just a thing of the past either; numerous contemporary latest trend designers are linen clothing due to the components versatility. cotton fabric, fine thread, even wool; linen apparel can be blended with almost any other fabric and still gaze good. Not only that, but it can be utilised to make any thing from sleek enterprise matches to casual holiday wear. Whether you're wheeling and considering in the business boardroom or easily booting back on a sandy shore sipping a supervise, linen will fit the account.

While elite fashion designers may favor it for its adaptability, most ordinary citizens are enamored with linen apparel for a more practical cause; it's actually snug! Not only is it one of the lighter fabrics round, it's anti-static as well, and won't provoke any allergies. It furthermore soaks up sweat like a sponge, which assists hold you cooling on those sweltering summer after noon.

Better yet, it's good for the natural environment. A little renowned fact about linen clothing is its Eco-friendly status. The whole flax vegetation can be utilised throughout the manufacturing method, and since linen itself is a natural fiber, it can easily be recycled. Not that you'll have to worry about that anytime shortly; this stuff leaves its affray in the proverbial dirt when it arrives to durability. After all, there's a cause that you don't glimpse too many cotton evening meal napkins or towels! There's no inquiry about it; for the environmentally conscious, it doesn't get much better than linen apparel.

As you can see, while linen apparel may primarily seem unimpressive, in reality it's one of the most exclusive and stylish choices on the market. So slip on that linen top or dress, relish the summer climate, and don't worry about the heat!
(Fashion source:

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Swagger Shell Suit That Engines 1980s Fashion

Swagger Shell Suit

The fashion world of 1980s was ruled by shell suits. There was an immense craze of these kinds of suits among the populace. The main reason behind this growing popularity of shell suits was the development of music television industry. Many celebrities were using these suits while recording a video or performing in a live concert. However, the fashion world has been changed these days; still people enjoy wearing clothes that have the aroma of retro days. If you are one among those retro lovers then shell suit could be the best choice for you since there is a profound interconnection between the shell suits and 1980s fashion. The vibrant nature of 1980s fashion trends is always memorable. This era has engaged a wild look into the fashion circle. 

Nevertheless, today’s fashion world is very much inspired from the shell suits. Those crimson sweaters, swollen shirts, cutler denims and drain wools are still playing an important role in ladies fashion worlds. This kind of retro looks is very popular among ladies and many of them love following this vogue on various occasions. In case of men, tropical shirts and t-shirts that have darkly colored collars and sleeves, extra-large sweatshirts and pinstripes are on the list of latest fashion trends for adopting the retro style.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chic Chat: My Retro Cat Eye Glasses

Today’s fashion world is blooming with the growing popularity of sunglasses. Vintage style sunglasses are the center of attraction. Your look always gets counted on the basis of sunglasses that you have worn. If you are using the vintage style sunglasses then for sure you are becoming the apple of viewer’s eye. You are suggested to use cat eye glasses to look outfit and stunning in a crowd. These kinds of glasses were in use during the middle of year 1950. The fashion statement during those days was suitable for the cat eye glasses. Both the men and women used to wear cat glasses for protecting their eyes from the dust as well as sunrays. A protective nature of cat eye glasses makes them useful in current trend as well.

You can always complete your stylish look with the vintage glasses. A classy pair of sunglasses matching with your cloths can create a trendy effect. This is how you can make a good use of fashion glasses into your style statement.(source:Myretrostyle)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tips for Eye Makeup with Glasses

Benefiting from fashionable glasses, the glasses fashion has been riding high in recent years. While how to wear eye makeup with glasses is still a nerve-wracking question for ladies whose way to beauty is blocked by glasses. Here come the eye makeup tips that tell you how to apply eye makeup with glasses.

Compared to powder, cream shadow easily saves your eyes from suffering the irritating, magnified particles. Using polymers to bind to lashes, tubing mascaras is also preferred for its long lasting effect. Undoubtedly precisely shaped eyebrows which can flatter both you face and outfits are the game-changer. So find a professional one to do the initial shape for you.

A good under-eye concealer is also demanded which can give decent coverage to the dark circles and further shadows caused by glasses. One last thing I wanted to mention is that: don’t wear blusher too high which is strictly controlled by your glasses.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Geek Chic Fashion

Nerd Clothing, Geek Wear
Geek chic is a 'cool' fashion style that's really gained momentum in the last couple of years. The basic premise is that it's an ironic style based on the classic nerd. The wearer is intentionally trying to be geeky, thumbing their nose at conventional style and choosing a geekier brand. Some famous celebrities have taken up geek chic fashion, and nerd clothing is starting to proliferate in malls and outlet stores everywhere. So what's the big deal with this look? It's cheeky, it's tongue-in-cheek, and it looks great on a lot of people.

What does it take to become truly geek chic in your fashion? Check out a few of these tips and make sure your style is well and truly nerdy!

Geek Chic Glasses: Nerd Apparel, Geek Chic Fashion
The first and most vital component in any geek chic fashion style is the geek glasses. Thick black glasses are getting incredibly popular, and it's amazing what a nice pair of frames can do for your face. You don't need thick, geeky glasses to pull off the style, but it certainly helps!

Everyone's face is different, and you'll want to try out lots of different styles to find the right fit. Your geek chic glasses should be an appropriate color to match your style. While black geek chic glasses are the most popular by far, you can find all sorts of colors, including dark grey, translucent, multi-colored options, neon, and some amazingly cool patterns such as zebra print or tortoiseshell. Don't be too scared of the ridiculous, and don't be afraid of vintage inspiration (see Buddy Holly).

Geek Chic Fashion: Geek Wear Nerdy Clothing, Geek Chic Clothes
For geek chic clothing, you should pick something that's suitable geeky, but still quite fashionable. I'd say the different between geek chic fashion and just plain geeky is all in grooming. A geek will have rumpled, mismatched and ill-fitting clothing. A geek chic fashion icon will wear clothing that is crisp, pressed, and fully fashionable in pattern, color and cut.

Try to get clothing that fits your body type: choose slim-fit items, avoid bagginess. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns, just avoid horrid things that were never, ever in style. Suspenders and bow ties are pretty great, as well as suit coats orblazers. For footwear, try a vintage pair of loafers or oxfords. Geek chic fashion is closely connected with vintage.

Grooming and Etiquette:
Just because your fashion style is geek chic doesn't mean you have free license to be a slob. Likewise, just because you're wearing geek chic glasses doesn't mean you're interested in computer programming and Monty Python! Be sure to be suave, cute, sophisticated and well-groomed in your geek chic fashion style.

Hair: if you're a man, you can slick back your style a la Mad Men, or feel free to rock a wicked side part. The trick here is to be very intentional. If you do it wrong, you'll just look like a creeper! Stubble is fine too, just don't let it get too shaggy. Moustaches, when done right, can be awesome: just look at Johnny Depp!

Geek chic women can manage almost anything, though I've noticed that accentuated bangs can look great with the thick glasses.

Grooming: make sure your geek chic fashion is well-groomed. Iron your shirts before you go out. Adjust your accessories. Color coordinate! Nerd clothing is pretty specific, and if you want to look hot you'll need to be intentional. A slobby nerd with wrinkled clothing isn't going to impress anyone!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How To Choose Frames: New or Vintage Eyeglass Frames

I first started to wear eyeglasses when I was about twelve years old and just starting the sixth grade. I'd been getting a lot of headaches when I read and an eye exam revealed that I had a touch of near-sightedness. I wasn't very happy to learn I would be wearing glasses, but my Mom cleverly found a way to point out the benefits to me.

The day we went to pick up my new glasses, she stopped me outside the eyeglass store and pointed out a street sign down the block, asking me to read it. I did, so she picked another that was further away. I said I could see it had writing on it, but it was blurry. The first thing she did when we came out of the store with my new glasses was ask me to try reading the sign I had said was blurry. Suddenly I was seeing crisp type where I had previously seen a blur, and I never felt bad about wearing eyeglasses from that moment on.

When it comes to picking out eyeglass frames, the most important thing to know ahead of time (other than having an up-to-date prescription) is to know your budget limitations. Sometimes the frames you fall in love with aren't cheap. After that, I find it's helpful to actually go out to eyeglass stores and try on a LOT of frames. This allows you to learn what fits best (essential if you really want to buy eyeglass frames online) and sometimes you can find a brand or style you like, and then go get a better price for it online.

How To Choose Frames

Size of Your Eyeglasses - the best guideline for how large or small an eyeglass frame is to see how they fit on your face. If the top of the eyeglass frames falls below your eyebrows, it can make it look like you've raised your eyebrows and are surprised, which can make you permanently look like a deer caught in some headlights. If the top of your frames come too far above your eyebrows, it can make you look like you're squinting or are angry all the time. If you smile, and your cheeks rise up and bump your frames, the glass frame part is too big.

Shape of Your Eyeglasses - this is often more of an art than a science, and something that you often figure out just by looking at different frames. Too much like your own face shape, and a frame can sometimes highlight facial elements that aren't flattering. For glasses online shop, try the ones that let you upload your own picture, for a virtual "try on" of the frames.

Frame construction - this includes not only the material the frame is made of, but the style of the glasses. Do some frames make you look like your grandma? Are some frames so busy or bold that all anyone will do is stare at your glasses? Do you look better with shiny frames, or matte ones? Try on both rimless and full-frame styles: you may find that one or the other suits you better.

What Type of Frames To Pick?

Plastic frames - Eyeglass frames made of plastic can offer a lot in terms of size, style and color. Modern chemistry has made them more lightweight which is often key in terms of comfort. However for wearers who tend to be hard on a pair of glasses, they can break more easily.

Metal frames - If you want an eyeglass frame that is very thin and subtle, metal might be your preference. Space-age metals like titanium offer good strength and some flexibility, meaning eyeglasses can handle the bumps and drops of daily life without breaking. Metals are primarily going to be gold, silver or black, but if you take the time to hunt around, sometimes you can find really fun colors.

Rimless frames - With this style of eyeglass, there is a piece for the nose bridge, and temple pieces, but they fasten directly to the lenses themselves. For this style, picking a good shape for the lens itself is often what defines the look of the glasses.