Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 interesting activities for pi day

After 2009, Pi Day is known all over the world. And more and more people take party to celebrate it, such as eating pie and discussing the significance of Pi, on the 14th March. Today, let me show you some interesting activities on the internet to celebrate pi day.

Ozeal Pi Day

Find pi and have your Pi-Day spree with OzealGlasses. How many pi s can you find? Share your opinions by comment. Celebrate Pi-Day as a nerd does.

Pi Day Spree: Nerds are all going nuts

Pi=3.14. 14th March is the Pi Day and Ozeal got so many ways to celebrate it: Find pi, eat pie, calculate pi...While nerds have their own ways to enjoy the day. How nerds go crazy at the day?

Ozeal video:

Pi Day Dessert Pie Recipes

Sweets that are easy as Pi

Simple and easy to make pie recipes - a sure winner and a must for your Pi Day party celebration. I personally selected these Pi Day pie recipe lenses by other lensmasters.

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