Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ozeal nerd glasses:Make Your BF Nerdy & Trendy

You have a boyfriend. He’s a freakily smart genius. He’s passionate about science, math or physics. His face exudes confidence while talking about weird stuff like complicated physics experiments. You just love these amazing things about him.
However, he always shows up in ill-fitting pants, short-sleeved oxford shirts with batman print in the front, canvas sneakers and pays no attention to how his hair will look. You even find it embarrassing to introduce him to your friends.
Well, the good news is that stylists from Ozeal Glasses have some amazing tips for you to make your BF adorably nerdy and smothering hot.
  • Find him a barber who knows very well what hairstyles are popular currently.
  • Take him to a store selling retro clothing. Vintage style is making a huge comeback and you can find some really cool jeans and jackets for him. These stuff can make him trendy and he will not feel uncomfortable in these low-profiled stuff he never tried on before.
  • Choose a stylish frame. How can your BF look both nerdy and trendy without a pair of perfectly fit glasses? Check out the Nerd Glasses collection from Ozeal Glasses.
If you are with a nerd guy, never let him go. With some little tricks, you can show him to your friends and brag about his remarkable academic accomplishments at the same time.(source:GlassesHunter)

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