Thursday, March 14, 2013

Newcomer of Pi Day: Ozeal’s Big Surprise for All Nerds

Have you eaten pie and discussed how important the π is with your guys today? March, 14 to scientific nerds is almost what Paris Fashion week to fashionistas.
In fact, nerd is no more a negative term. Nerds from all walks of life are bold to show their differences and ideas especially in their day. As for me, I am proud of being a nerd who is a die-hard fan of writing and I write this article to celebrate my day. Ozeal is no exception. As a young and energetic online glasses store full of fashion nerds, Ozeal won’t let us down. Except eating pie and discussing the importance of π number, Ozeal shows us a new way to celebrate it.
What comes to us first when we talk about a nerd? Yes, a dull guy with a pair of nerd glasses. So nerd glasses are Ozeal’s special offer for our Pi day. Promoting nerd fashion by launching a series of posh and fabulous glasses and giving nerds special treatment: a 40% off only if you offered the student ID.
These stylish glasses will definitely go well with your attitude while accent your exclusive fashion taste. And the irresistible discount can save a considerate amount of money to invest in what makes you a nerd. Isn’t it a big surprise for all nerds? So why not celebrate our day with Ozeal?(source: Ozeal Blog)

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