Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nerds, How TO Celebrate Your Pi Day?

March 14 = 3.14 = Pi Day, named after the mathematical constant which is the ratio of a Euclidean circle’s circumference to its diameter. Now known to nerds everywhere as “π Day”, March 13 is an excuse to flaunt our nerdness, and several must-do things to celebrate our festival.

1. Memorize Pi: Try to memorize as many digits of Pi as you can. Can you break Chao Lu’s pi memory record of 67,890 digits over 24 hours in 2005, or even Akira Haraguchi’s 83,431 decimal places? Check out and challenge pi record-holders at Pi World.

2 Make Pie: Make some irrational pie to commemorate the “irrational” number—Pi. Aloo pie, apple pie, meat pie, banana cream pie, banoffee pie, bean pie and Amish sauerkraut surprise custard pie are all those you can choose. Add πon the surface or even make them into π.

3 Be A Real Nerd: Dress to be a nerd with a pair of Ozeal nerd glasses. These glasses will help you to transform yourself from a regular guy or girl to a hot nerd. And even people who don’t need glasses are buying up the frames. Join the nerdy band and stop being unnoticed.

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