Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day: Dressed To Be A Real Nerd

Pi Day! The nerdy holiday celebrated by math and computer nerds worldwide. It is the day we nerds gather around to hold our party. Nerds, have you been correctly dressed for the gathering? Check out your makeup with the following essentials.
1. Wear nerd glasses.

The thick-framed nerd specs have topped the list of must-have accessories for nerdy look. And even the most ill-informed man knows those are the mark of a true nerd. Don’t have? Then a pair of classic black-rimmed Wayfarer, Gazelle glasses or Cat eye glasses from Ozeal Nerd Glasses can first satisfy your look.
2 Wear nerdy patterns.

Checkers, plaid, and argyle can be mighty and all-match which no nerd should go without. Try to find a sweater, vest, skirt, or dress in these prints, worn alone or layered with other pieces, and you those can magnify your nerdy look.

 3 Wear the right shoes.

A pair of bowling shoes or saddle shoes is a must for nerds. Plus, a pair of sneakers or loafers is also nerdy shoes which can also dress down your outfit. Try to find one in light and bright color, and you can benefit a lot from it.(source:GlassesHunter)

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