Thursday, May 2, 2013

Geek Chic Fashion

Nerd Clothing, Geek Wear
Geek chic is a 'cool' fashion style that's really gained momentum in the last couple of years. The basic premise is that it's an ironic style based on the classic nerd. The wearer is intentionally trying to be geeky, thumbing their nose at conventional style and choosing a geekier brand. Some famous celebrities have taken up geek chic fashion, and nerd clothing is starting to proliferate in malls and outlet stores everywhere. So what's the big deal with this look? It's cheeky, it's tongue-in-cheek, and it looks great on a lot of people.

What does it take to become truly geek chic in your fashion? Check out a few of these tips and make sure your style is well and truly nerdy!

Geek Chic Glasses: Nerd Apparel, Geek Chic Fashion
The first and most vital component in any geek chic fashion style is the geek glasses. Thick black glasses are getting incredibly popular, and it's amazing what a nice pair of frames can do for your face. You don't need thick, geeky glasses to pull off the style, but it certainly helps!

Everyone's face is different, and you'll want to try out lots of different styles to find the right fit. Your geek chic glasses should be an appropriate color to match your style. While black geek chic glasses are the most popular by far, you can find all sorts of colors, including dark grey, translucent, multi-colored options, neon, and some amazingly cool patterns such as zebra print or tortoiseshell. Don't be too scared of the ridiculous, and don't be afraid of vintage inspiration (see Buddy Holly).

Geek Chic Fashion: Geek Wear Nerdy Clothing, Geek Chic Clothes
For geek chic clothing, you should pick something that's suitable geeky, but still quite fashionable. I'd say the different between geek chic fashion and just plain geeky is all in grooming. A geek will have rumpled, mismatched and ill-fitting clothing. A geek chic fashion icon will wear clothing that is crisp, pressed, and fully fashionable in pattern, color and cut.

Try to get clothing that fits your body type: choose slim-fit items, avoid bagginess. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns, just avoid horrid things that were never, ever in style. Suspenders and bow ties are pretty great, as well as suit coats orblazers. For footwear, try a vintage pair of loafers or oxfords. Geek chic fashion is closely connected with vintage.

Grooming and Etiquette:
Just because your fashion style is geek chic doesn't mean you have free license to be a slob. Likewise, just because you're wearing geek chic glasses doesn't mean you're interested in computer programming and Monty Python! Be sure to be suave, cute, sophisticated and well-groomed in your geek chic fashion style.

Hair: if you're a man, you can slick back your style a la Mad Men, or feel free to rock a wicked side part. The trick here is to be very intentional. If you do it wrong, you'll just look like a creeper! Stubble is fine too, just don't let it get too shaggy. Moustaches, when done right, can be awesome: just look at Johnny Depp!

Geek chic women can manage almost anything, though I've noticed that accentuated bangs can look great with the thick glasses.

Grooming: make sure your geek chic fashion is well-groomed. Iron your shirts before you go out. Adjust your accessories. Color coordinate! Nerd clothing is pretty specific, and if you want to look hot you'll need to be intentional. A slobby nerd with wrinkled clothing isn't going to impress anyone!