Thursday, May 30, 2013

Face Shape for Side-swept Bangs

Bangs are one among the recent fashion trends. Side-swept bangs are the most preferably used type of bangs. These days, many people are following different hairstyles with bangs. No matter what kind of face you have, side-swept bangs are always available for it. Side-swept bangs come in a large variety for the face which is round, oblong, diamond, oval, square or heart shaped. There are ample numbers of obsequious styles are available such as full bangs, wispy bangs, long bangs, straight bangs, long straight bangs, chopped bangs, cutting bangs, and side-wailed bangs. When it comes to fringe hairstyle 2013 year seems following bangs. 

In year 2013 hairstyles with bangs are at the top into the list of most preferred fashion looks. Side-swept bangs are one among the famous bangs for fashion. Followings tricks are helpful for understanding the uses of bangs. 

Side-swept bangs for rounded face: 

The fullness of face disappears after introducing long side-swept bangs. Your eyes will get highlighted if you use long side-swept bangs. Most of the celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams, and Kirsten Dunst prefer following this trend. 

Side-swept bangs for square face: 

If the width of forehead and jaw are same then the face is said to have square shape. Short side-swept bangs look decent on square shaped face. Most of the celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Lea Michele Olivia Wilde believes on using full bangs. 

Side-swept bangs for oblong face: 

Generally long and narrow faces are considered as oblong. Longer side-swept bangs are the best choice for those who have oblong face. This kind of bang is followed by celebrities like Liv Tyler, Iman, and Jamie Lee Curtis. 

Side-swept bangs for heart-shaped face: 

If your face has narrow chin with a wide forehead then it is heart-shaped. Long side-swept bangs are specially created for this kind of face. There is a huge craze of side-swept bangs in celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Christina Ricci and Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

Side-swept bangs for oval shape: 

Oval is considered as the ideal and perfect shape in case of the faces. Side-swept bangs either long or short, both are suitable for this face. There are celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Beyonce and Eva Longoria who continuously seem using various types of bangs.
(Fashion source: Hairstyle-spa)

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