Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chic Chat: My Retro Cat Eye Glasses

Today’s fashion world is blooming with the growing popularity of sunglasses. Vintage style sunglasses are the center of attraction. Your look always gets counted on the basis of sunglasses that you have worn. If you are using the vintage style sunglasses then for sure you are becoming the apple of viewer’s eye. You are suggested to use cat eye glasses to look outfit and stunning in a crowd. These kinds of glasses were in use during the middle of year 1950. The fashion statement during those days was suitable for the cat eye glasses. Both the men and women used to wear cat glasses for protecting their eyes from the dust as well as sunrays. A protective nature of cat eye glasses makes them useful in current trend as well.

You can always complete your stylish look with the vintage glasses. A classy pair of sunglasses matching with your cloths can create a trendy effect. This is how you can make a good use of fashion glasses into your style statement.(source:Myretrostyle)

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