Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How To Choose Frames: New or Vintage Eyeglass Frames

I first started to wear eyeglasses when I was about twelve years old and just starting the sixth grade. I'd been getting a lot of headaches when I read and an eye exam revealed that I had a touch of near-sightedness. I wasn't very happy to learn I would be wearing glasses, but my Mom cleverly found a way to point out the benefits to me.

The day we went to pick up my new glasses, she stopped me outside the eyeglass store and pointed out a street sign down the block, asking me to read it. I did, so she picked another that was further away. I said I could see it had writing on it, but it was blurry. The first thing she did when we came out of the store with my new glasses was ask me to try reading the sign I had said was blurry. Suddenly I was seeing crisp type where I had previously seen a blur, and I never felt bad about wearing eyeglasses from that moment on.

When it comes to picking out eyeglass frames, the most important thing to know ahead of time (other than having an up-to-date prescription) is to know your budget limitations. Sometimes the frames you fall in love with aren't cheap. After that, I find it's helpful to actually go out to eyeglass stores and try on a LOT of frames. This allows you to learn what fits best (essential if you really want to buy eyeglass frames online) and sometimes you can find a brand or style you like, and then go get a better price for it online.

How To Choose Frames

Size of Your Eyeglasses - the best guideline for how large or small an eyeglass frame is to see how they fit on your face. If the top of the eyeglass frames falls below your eyebrows, it can make it look like you've raised your eyebrows and are surprised, which can make you permanently look like a deer caught in some headlights. If the top of your frames come too far above your eyebrows, it can make you look like you're squinting or are angry all the time. If you smile, and your cheeks rise up and bump your frames, the glass frame part is too big.

Shape of Your Eyeglasses - this is often more of an art than a science, and something that you often figure out just by looking at different frames. Too much like your own face shape, and a frame can sometimes highlight facial elements that aren't flattering. For glasses online shop, try the ones that let you upload your own picture, for a virtual "try on" of the frames.

Frame construction - this includes not only the material the frame is made of, but the style of the glasses. Do some frames make you look like your grandma? Are some frames so busy or bold that all anyone will do is stare at your glasses? Do you look better with shiny frames, or matte ones? Try on both rimless and full-frame styles: you may find that one or the other suits you better.

What Type of Frames To Pick?

Plastic frames - Eyeglass frames made of plastic can offer a lot in terms of size, style and color. Modern chemistry has made them more lightweight which is often key in terms of comfort. However for wearers who tend to be hard on a pair of glasses, they can break more easily.

Metal frames - If you want an eyeglass frame that is very thin and subtle, metal might be your preference. Space-age metals like titanium offer good strength and some flexibility, meaning eyeglasses can handle the bumps and drops of daily life without breaking. Metals are primarily going to be gold, silver or black, but if you take the time to hunt around, sometimes you can find really fun colors.

Rimless frames - With this style of eyeglass, there is a piece for the nose bridge, and temple pieces, but they fasten directly to the lenses themselves. For this style, picking a good shape for the lens itself is often what defines the look of the glasses.


  1. Vintage is a popular trend now.

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