Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Recreate Jennifer Lawrence’s Puffy White Dress and Comforters

Recreate Jennifer Lawrence’s Puffy White Dress and Comforters

Jennifer Lawrence wore a puffy white dress to the golden globe awards and this was ridiculed by her twitter fans. She also carried a bag and wore bangles which suited her very well and complemented her long white dress. This dress was completely white and held up by a number of black bands. These were ridiculed by twitter writers who mimicked her look and dress with comforters and belts. Some even dressed their pets in the getup and achieved a very sarcastic effect.

Jennifer Lawrence was photographed with American Hustle co-stars Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams. Some compared Lawrence’s look to the look of Ariel in the little Mermaid as she posed in her Do It Yourself dress. Actor Colton Hayes mimicked Jennifer Lawrence’s look and expression perfectly as she stood on the red carpet. She received an award at the ceremony. A twitter fan recreated the Dior look, with a red t-shirt. Jannifer had her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult by her side all night. Some used plain white sheets instead of bulkier comforters to recreate the look. Many of those who chose to post photos online seem to have put a lot of effort into the look.

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