Tuesday, January 14, 2014

LGBT Wedding Expo: Same Love, Same Rights

LGBT Wedding Expo: Same Love, Same Rights

A LGBT wedding expo is going to be held, which will be free for all, but requests a 5$ donation. This wedding expo will be open to all including couples, singles, advocates and allies. The expo will include a number of LGBT friendly wedding professionals to advise the couples on various issues and subjects. Dozens of professionals will be present to give advice. There will be ceremony planning tips, free samples, raffles, keynote speakers and music. This will be a very pleasant and useful get-together and area of congregation for these couples to plan LGBT weddings and ceremonies as well as relationship advice, how to cope with peer pressure, same love, gay love etc.

This expo will also feature a number of speakers who will be on hand to provide motivation and various types of advice to LGBT couples and people. They will list their own experiences and activities. This is the third such annual expo to be held and will deal with issues like gay marriage. It will advise couples on gay marriage and rights. These types of gatherings are of great importance in furthering gay rights and LGBT awareness. These types of gatherings help LGBT people to congregate and interact in a social setting.

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