Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lumus Lightens New Invention As Google Glass Competitor

Lumus Lightens New Invention As Google Glass Competitor

Lumus is an eyewear company that is currently set to give Google eyewear a run for its money. Known for their competitive prices and high quality prescription glasses, Lumus glasses have come forward as the latest Google glass competitor in context with both, the features offered within the glasses lenses as well as the price itself.

One of the most attractive features about Lumus glasses is the look of the glasses; minimalistic design and lightweight lenses make this eyewear comfortable for the wearer. To add to this, its 640 x 480 display, which is powered by a developer kit, called DK 40. DK 40 is known as an “optical engine” which removes the need for the glasses to have thick lenses, a feature that is common to Google glasses. With the addition of a 5MP camera, accelerometer, gyroscope amid a host of other nifty features, Lumus is confident that it will shortly overtake Google glass sales. 

To add to its already impressive repertoire of ergonomic features, the lightweight eyewear is constructed entirely of plastic and magnesium alloy. One can safely assume that this new set of technologically rich eyewear will encourage Google to lower its prices for the Google glass. 

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