Sunday, January 5, 2014

More Scandal of Justin Bieber: Wish Him Good Luck in 2014

Justin Bieber: Wish Him Good Luck in 2014

Teen sensation, Justin Bieber seems to be the quite the newsmaker these days. In recent times, the 19-year old singer and heartthrob of many teenagers has been the subject of much celebrity gossip, the latest news involving the arrest of his bodyguards, who allegedly assaulted a police officer. 

Often photographed with his signature wayfarer glasses, Bieber was recently charged with drawing illegal graffiti art while on tour in Brazil, and was later embarrassed by photographs posted by a young Russian model who claimed to have spent the night with him. Gossip mills are continuously churning out story after story about the young star, which, along with his team, seems to be under no compulsion to keep his activities and reputation in check. 

With his trademark choice of spectacles which frame his handsome young face and cause millions of young girls worldwide to swoon with delight, Bieber is on a roll with tours and events. He recently announced his retirement post-release of his upcoming album, thus giving rise to rumors and speculations regarding whether or not this was a publicity stunt or a serious goodbye to the world of fame, money, controversy and stardom. Dear Justin, wish you good luck in 2014.

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