Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blue Glasses Brighten Men's Masculinity

Blue Glasses Brighten Men's Masculinity

Trust Adam Sandler to do everything differently! We have seen so many actors in aviators, wayfarers and so on, but none of them ever have done what Sandler has done recently! The star of movies like “Just go with it” and “Big Daddy” was spotted spending Christmas eve with his family wearing a pair of blue glasses! Along with the glasses, he wore a white t-shirt, a Bermuda in several shades of blue and a white cap. The glasses he wore totally went with his attire and made him look cool! It enhanced his persona to a different level altogether. 

Adam Sandler has paved the path for men to experiment with their glasses frames by wearing these glasses. He has shown that you don’t end up looking like a sorry sight if you take to wearing blue glasses frames. He has shown that colored fashion sunglasses are not just for women, but that men can wear them with equal ease and panache! By wearing these cool glasses for men, he has opened up a brighter side of his masculinity, making the term more flexible than ever before. We wish that more male actors come forward with their own colored glasses for men and brighten up their masculine side!

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