Sunday, January 5, 2014

Maci Bookout Indulges Herself Behind the Aviator Glasses

Maci Bookout Indulges Herself Behind the Aviator Glasses

Even celebrities who are reputed to be very “strict” or “dedicated” need a break sometimes from all the hard work! Teen Mom Maci Bookout was recently seen taking a complete break from her hardworking and dedicated “image” and having a great time by herself at Florida. She puffed on cigarettes, had some drinks and wore a t-shirt which had “Off duty” written on it in big, white letters. She is clearly a person who dresses according to the mood she is in! Despite her recent battle with an illness which caused her immense pain according to her own statement, she didn’t hesitate to light up a cigarette! She is seen as a teen role model by many girls out there and this will clearly send a wrong message to all of them.

However, in spite of all the things she did, she did manage to look completely chilled out in her black “Off Duty” t-shirt, black denim shorts and her aviator glasses. Later, she was seen taking off the black top to reveal her beach look, a blue bikini. She also took off the vintage glasses frames she was wearing and just strolled on the beach, drinking and smoking all the time. We think she shouldn’t have parted with her fashion sunglasses while she spent time on the beach. They might have helped with hiding her identity!

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