Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Helen Mirren Puts on Transition Glasses Outside

Helen Mirren Puts on Transition Glasses Outside

British actress Helen Mirren, who is renowned for her acting prowess in the UK as well as Hollywood, is somewhat of a style icon in context with her choice of fashion as well as her selection of cool reading glasses for women. 

Mirren was recently spotted in a pair of transition glasses as she headed out in Los Angeles to a local store. Transition glasses are a particular type of glasses lenses, which claim that their glasses tint will protect the eyes 100% from UVA/UVB rays, a sure sign of their value. Mirren has clearly understood the importance of these color-changing lenses in context with their health value for her eyes, and the obvious benefits in context with improving her eyesight. The fashion conscious actress also appears to appreciate the considerably high fashion quotient of these glasses, whose lenses adapt quickly to changing light conditions by changing color. 

The glasses lenses are light and sometimes climate sensitive, and add vibrancy and clarity to the wearer’s vision. A wearer can expect his or her transition glasses to automatically develop a dark tint while they are outdoors in the sun; this means that they double up as sunglasses and revert to being clear and non-tinted once out of the sun.

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