Thursday, November 28, 2013

How Marsha Collier Explores Google Glasses at Her Wedding

How Marsha Collier Explores Google Glasses at Her Wedding
Computer and Technology radio host Marsha Collier has married fellow technology-lover Curt Burthman on November 8 at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverley Hills. She walked down the aisle in a white long sleeved taffeta dress that drew ooh’s and ah’s from onlookers. She also attracted attention by wearing Google Glass, an object that looks like a regular pair of glasses but are actually computers inserted in the lens where videos and pictures can be taken. 

The Google Glasses isn’t well known yet, in spite of its usefulness and convenience. Marsha Collier wore the glasses as a part of Google’s Project Glass research and development project and some of her wedding guests have said they have worn the Google Glasses before to previous events. The couple said ‘I do’ while using the Twitter video application so their million followers can be personally involved in the wedding too. 

With her silk wedding dresses to her Google Glasses, this was a very unique wedding indeed. This wedding comes after a quick courtship and multiple fans following their romance. If you are interested in buying similar long sleeved wedding dresses, you can look at browsing through the David Bridal’s website as well as the Kleinfeld’s Bridal site, among others. From those companies, you can come up with plenty of unique wedding ideas.

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