Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Perfect Pair: Brilliant Combination of Hairstyle and Spectacles

Brilliant Combination of Hairstyle and Spectacles
What is that thing which has the power to transform a woman’s personality completely? Actually, it is not one, but two things! The two things are hairstyles for women and eyeglasses! You go wrong with any one of them, you are bound to get a lot of raised eyebrows. 

Combining the perfect pair of glasses with the perfect hairstyle is no magic. However, it takes time to achieve perfection! Most hairstyles in the world can be combined with glasses. If you have curly hair, then just wearing a pair of glasses will enhance the effect of the voluminous curls even more. If you like fringes, then you should opt for a small pair of glasses and not a big one. The idea is to complement the fringes and not overshadow them! 

Let us say that you love straight long hairstyles and you won’t like to change your hair anytime soon. A big black pair of vintage glasses will do more than just complement your hairstyle. You can choose to go for an “undone ponytail” look to take off the edge from the glasses! 

Streaks, whether golden or pink, are another great thing. They add color to your hair and they also go well with glasses. Plain spectacles in single colors are the best match for streaked hair.

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