Friday, November 29, 2013

Rod Stewart with His Aviator Sunglasses Is Undoubtably a Dotting Father

Rod Stewart with His Aviator Sunglasses

Even though Rod Stewart has the eight children, he is very much a dotting father to his youngest son Aiden. Rod was caught on Camera Tuesday taking his two year old son Aiden to preschool .
Rod was casually dressed in a white dress shirt with a bright green sweater. He had on relaxed fit blue jeans and a pair of comfortable tennis shoes. He was wearing a pair of retro aviator sunglasses. He looked extremely vigorous in his retro eyewear. Little Aiden was comfortable dressed also in shorts, Yellow T shirt and grey stripped sweater. 

Since 1963 Rod Stewart has been a singer and song writer who likes wearing spectacles. He went solo in 1969 and never looked back. He has just come out with a new album that will be hitting the stores in a couple of months. He is on his third marriage and has a total of eight children . His oldest daughter is 50 years old and Aiden his youngest son is two. His other children are a daughter Kimberly born 1979, a son Sean born in 1980 . Then came another daughter Ruby Stewart born in 1987 ,then another daughter Renee Stewart born in 1992. The next child he had was a boy Liam Stewart in 1984 . Then with his current wife Rod Stewart had the two more boys Alistair born in 2005 and little Aiden born in 2011.

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