Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vintage Glasses Frame Healthy & Happy

Vintage Glasses Frame Healthy & Happy

Chaz Bono, the 44-year old transgender son of Sonny and Cher, singing sensations of yesteryear, was spotted at a local Farmer’s Market in Beverly Hills as he did some grocery shopping with a mystery woman by his side. 

Wearing a pair of designer glasses frames, the newly fit reality star seemed happy and comfortable behind his dark sunglasses as he lugged heavy, eco-friendly bags of groceries with his lady friend by his side. Vintage glasses frames have been in fashion this season, and wayfarer glasses and a pair of aviator glasses therefore were the spectacles of choice for them both. Designer glasses frames frame the wearer’s face and give them elegant yet mysterious look, and it seems that this is the look that Chaz Bono and his companion were looking for as they strolled towards their car with their bags in hand. 

Looking healthy and happy after having lost an impressive 86lbs, Bono and his friend glowed with health and happiness as they basked in each other’s company, with their glasses reflecting the same joy. Chaz Bono’s newly thin facial features were accentuated by his tinted glasses, which served to add a slimming effect to his face. He will certainly not need any more slimming glasses in the near future as he looks to achieve his fitness goals.

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