Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Today Anne Hathaway Only Has Eyes For Adam Shulman

 Anne Hathaway Only Has Eyes For Adam Shulman

Taking a break from the hectic awards season and shooting schedules, Anne Hathaway took off for Hawaii with her husband Adam Shulman. She has decided to set her eyes only at her husband for now. And why not! She has been attending back to back events and had hardly any time for herself, let alone her husband. It was not a wonder that she chose to reflect her happiness not just through the huge smile on her face, but also through her clothes! They could not have been more relaxed and casual. Dressed in a pair of baggy pants and a loose t-shirt, she was seen taking a stroll with her husband in the small town of Hanalei. 

Along with the peacock pattern pants and the black t-shirt, Anne also wore a bandana on her head and a pair of wayfarer sunglasses. She also carried a tote in mint green color and preferred to wear sandals over flats or heels. Her husband, on the other hand, wore striped Bermuda shorts which according to some people, should not be seen by anyone! Jokes apart, Adam Shulman looked even more relaxed than his wife did and chose to complement his wife’s aviators by wearing a pair of aviator glasses. Whether it was his black frame glasses or her vintage glasses, they only had eyes for each other.

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