Monday, December 2, 2013

Prince Harry Starts Snow Journey with Sport Sunglasses

Prince Harry took some time out of his snow journey with his fellow servicemen to conduct an interview with inquisitive news reporters. Prince Harry made a trek throughout the South Pole with his injured servicemen. He spoke to reporters with a pair of sunglasses to shield his eyes from the sun.

This journey consists of servicemen who have lost at least one limb while on duty. This trip will span over 208 miles with the temperature being negative fifty degrees. Due to snow blizzards, this group wasn’t able to embark on their journey until after this weekend where the bad weather is expected to pass.

Prince Harry donned a pair of snow sunglasses and black snow pants as he spoke with inquiring reporters. He spoke of his gladness to be away from a ‘screaming child’ and that his father had expressed concern of his going on a freezing journey in Antarctica. The prince also expressed admiration for his fellow servicemen who made the journey in spite of their physical challenges.

This challenge is supposed to be for a good cause. It was meant to raise funds to financially assist injured personnel as well providing encouragement for those that are suffering injuries sustained during service.

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