Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Good Look: Kristen Bell in Gray Frame Sunglasses

Kristen Bell in Gray Frame Sunglasses
Thursday afternoon Kristen Bell was caught on camera in front of Pink Taco restaurant in Hollywood in a good look. She has an amazingly slender figure, for a new mom. She started out in blue jeans and a black pull over sweat shirt that was displaying the Pink Taco and PATH logo.
Underneath the sweat shirt she wore a blue and white checkered shirt. She wore a pair of tan boots on her feet. She finished off her stylish outfit with a red scarf around her neck. Her vintage stylewayfarer glasses drew attention to the face art. There was a modern butterfly on her right cheek just below the quirky vintage sunglasses. While the gray color was a little plain the glasses looked great and went nicely with the rest of the outfit. Her choice of clothing and stylish glasses frames gave her a casual yet stylish look. 

Once she got inside she removed the sweat shirt revealing the vintage style checkered shirt. The fashion sunglasses stayed on though while she rolled up her sleeves and got busy. She was not the only celebrity there. The LA Mayor,Eric Garcetti was there to help to. There was also UCLA'S football coach Jim Mora and a lot of his players. Kristen Bell is a member of PATH and has always helped at their fundraisers and programs. 

PATH stands for People Assisting The Homeless. They currently have 200 homeless residents in four houses they provide. The Pink Taco restaurant was able with donations and volunteers to provide this dinner for PATH. 

She and her husband Dax Shepard became the proud parents of a little girl eight months ago. They named her Lincoln Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell where married in June .The couple has a lot to be thankful for this year.

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