Wednesday, December 4, 2013

David Arquette in Wayfarer Sunglasses, Mind Your Pregnant Girlfriend Please

David Arquette in Wayfarer Sunglasses

David Arquette was seen coming out of Los Angeles airport with his girlfriend Christina McLarty. He has been staying clean and sober for some time but on this occasion lit up one of his mini-cigars. He seemed to be relaxed and in a good mood, wearing wayfarer sunglasses, particularly after lighting up his cigar, but his girlfriend seemed keen to leave. She is in her second trimester but hid her baby bump covering her mid-section with her arms. She was wearing a loose fitting black top with camouflage print jacket and blue jeans.

David Arquette was also wearing wayfarer sunglasses. These orange lens sunglasses had a tint to them and complemented his Rastafarian style outfit. He wore a matching Adidas tracksuit with the Jamaican colors of red, green and yellow. He also wore a cap with the Star of David on it. This will be Christina’s first child and David’s second, his first child Coco was with actress Courtney Cox. They divorced only six months ago. Christina also spotted designer sunglasses which had thick pink rims and large slightly reddish tinted lenses. She seemed rather eager to leave while David, in his spectacles seemed to be in a more relaxed and jovial mood, flashing peace signs at onlookers.

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