Friday, December 27, 2013

Celebrity Santa style: Alyson Hannigan's Christmas Cap & Chic Glasses

Alyson Hannigan's Christmas Cap & Chic Glasses

All the celebrities are in a festive mood and Alyson Hannigan seemed to be no different when she stepped out on Tuesday with her daughter in full Santa Style! She was seen strolling with her daughter, Satyana, at Santa Monica, with a smile playing on her lips at all times. The “How I met your mother” wore the classic combination of a white shirt and blue jeans along with a Santa hat and red flats. Accompanying her soothing ensemble was a pair of big glasses in black. She was also seen carrying a green shopping bag on her left hand and two small handbags on her right hand. Talk about being a handful! 

The designer glasses she wore complemented her white shirt and blue jeans in more than one ways. If she had chosen to wear brown sunglasses, they may not have gone down as perfectly as this one. The lenses were lighter in color than the glasses frames and her eyes were quite visible. We could see the glee in her eyes and it matched the smile on her face. Her daughter too, had a smile on her face at all times. Mother and daughter looked very happy in each other’s company and made for a perfect pair.

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