Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ashanti Went Shopping With Mystery Man In Wayfarer Glasses

Ashanti Went Shopping With Mystery Man In Wayfarer Glasses

“Foolish” singer Ashanti kept us guessing about her single status as she went out for shopping with her mystery man! The two were seen shopping at Yves Saint Laurent for jackets and the pair looked quite close to each other. The man helped her with trying on several jackets and she was finally impressed with a blue one, which she bought and walked off the store. This is the same man with whom she was seen on the previous day at a Chinese restaurant, in spite of her insistence that she is single!

While her mystery man was wearing a black coat over a pair of leather trousers and black shirt, she was dressed in a tank top and a pair of jeans which showed off her every curve! And the jeans was polka dotted too, making it very attractive to look at. Her wayfarer glasses complemented her choice of outfit really well and she never took them off even while shopping. The dark sunglasses did a good job of hiding whatever was lying in her eyes. Were they shining with happiness and glee? We think so! We are hoping that we get to know the identity of the mystery man soon and come up with some new Ashanti news.

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