Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Paul O. Zelinsky Inherited the Talent as Well as the Spectacles from Maurice Sendak


Maurice Sendak was an artist before he was an illustrator. His love for books and art itself was portrayed in the moving illustrations he created. The Caldecott Winner, while winning the hearts of most because of his famous illustrations of Max a character in a fantastical picture book,
also won the heart of Paul O. Zelinsky, who shared Maurice’s love for spectacles and illustrations. Even before Paul attended the first ever course given by Maurice at Yale, he was deeply in awe of him and his prescription glasses. ‘What do you say, Dear?’ was the book which introduced him to a world full of color and geniuses akin to Maurice Sendak. The intricate details were what won him over initially along with the cross hatching technique that Maurice used and the designer glasses he wore. Paul’s talent lies not only in the illustrations he produces, but also in his ethics of being an artist before an illustrator and a writer that gives him an edge over others. His empathy for other writers and artists struggling and in plight drives him towards inspiring them to create works of art that have great form, deep characters and mostly soul. Despite the fact that he pursued a Master’s degree in painting which open the door of teaching for him, his heart and soul lay in the illustrations he produced and his rimless glasses.

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