Thursday, November 21, 2013

Daniel Craig Puts on Vintage Glasses on His Way to Broadway Show Betrayal

Daniel Craig Puts on Vintage Glasses
45-year old “Bond” actor, Daniel Craig, is on a fashion high these days. Enroute to view the Broadway show, “Betrayal” on Broadway, the actor sported a fresh new hairstyle and a pair of designer sunglasses which resembled vintage glasses, possibly Aviators. Definitely from the more modern section of the spectacle shop, Craig’s cool glasses featured an interesting colored frame and quintessential “black glasses” as one would expect from a celebrity.

Clearly enjoying his new look, which is more relaxed and less “Bond” like, Craig’s interesting choice of eyewear stood out from the rest of his outfit, which consisted of a jacket, and what appeared to be a turtleneck shirt with a scarf and a pair of jeans. The red and pink in the frames served as colorful, albeit muted eye catchers, while the black glasses shielded Craig’s eyes from the public and vice versa. While they could be designer created, the frames looked equally capable of belonging to an antique shop which might have specialized in selling 70’s style sunglasses. Whatever the case or origin may be, however, they fitted Craig’s new, homely yet chic look to perfection.

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