Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Paris Hilton Dressing Up as Miley Cyrus

Paris Hilton Dressing Up as Miley Cyrus

Paris Hilton decided to dress up as Miley Cyrus this past Halloween. Her blond hair placed in two buns on her head, she wore a costume that closely resembled a bathing suit with a picture of a bear on it. 

Adorned with silver earrings and bracelets, Paris Hilton made her appearance known by coming with heart-shaped glasses and bright red lipstick that brought out the beauty of her naturally full lips. 

Her cool sunglasses brought attention and admiration to her costume. The spectacles are wonderfully unique and add a wonderfully feminine touch to an outfit designed to attract attention. The glasses frames are made of a sparkly red color and are heart-shaped. These sunglasses wonderfully suit her face and prompt others to buy the same type of colorful glasses to feel as wonderful as Paris Hilton does when wearing this outfit. 

Wearing a pair of grey high heels, her height is wonderfully accentuated and the length of her legs is flaunted by her bathing suit costume. 

Paris Hilton always knows how to make herself be seen and her Halloween costume does that. Not only does it flaunt her natural beauty, but it is also unique and draws the attention of admirers.

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