Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Bruno Mars Added A Hint of Sensuality to His MTV EMA Performance?

Fueled with excitement at his award for Best Song, 28-year-old Bruno Mars celebrated with style as he performed another hit single, “Gorilla” during the MTV EMA’s while a pole dancer and live band added to his performance. 

Winning the Best Song award for the tune, “Locked Out of Heaven”, Mars, introduced as “the king of swingers” looked at ease with his Lenny Kravitz like outfit, complete with black boots, black afro hairstyle, gold-rimmed aviator shades and leather jacket. Strumming his guitar as he sang the song, “Gorilla” to the audience, Mars appeared to be enjoying the performance by the pole dancer, Nicole, who’s racy and agile pole dance impressed the overjoyed audience. 

The official video features Slumdog Millionaire actress, Frieda Pinto, who surprised her fans with her cameo appearance. Nicole’s live performance however, coupled with her skillful moves, appeared to overshadow Pinto’s own performance while throwing open various online debates which argued over whether or not a star with Bruno Mars’ talent really needed added sex appeal. Debates aside however, it did appear that all had a jolly good time, be it Mars, Nicole the dancer, or the ever-watchful audience. There is never a bad moment for a pole dance apparently, and what better way to celebrate the winning of an award, and get the celebrity news bandwagon talking, then to combine it all into a power packed, sensually-charged performance?

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