Sunday, September 22, 2013

Top Treatments For The Winter Season

 Treatments For The Winter Season
With winter fast approaching, it's important that we know how to keep ourselves beautiful even when we want to eat our own body weight in hot food and drink mulled wine until we feel giddy enough to stop feeling the cold. Rather than becoming a winter vampire, only daring to come out from your duvet cover coffin when it turns midday, spend your holiday season researching into the beauty treatments you can be having so that you've got a gorgeous glow WAY before summer comes back around.

1) Laser Hair Removal

You may not have your legs out during the winter season all that often (unless you're going for a ‘sexy Santa' look for that special someone) but the colder months are the perfect time to get yourself summer ready with smooth, hair-free skin. Laser hair removal kills of the follicles and prevents the hair from coming back. The treatment is not as effective during the warmer weather and should be avoided if you're off on a sunny holiday. So have your hair removed when it's cold out and be completely ready for the sunshine next summer season!

2) Teeth Whitening

Soup, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other hot food and drinks could cause our teeth to stain, and there is nothing worse than stained teeth being made to look worse because the snow is so white in comparison! If you have stained teeth that make smiling a mission, invest your money into some Teeth Whitening In Croydon. When you have your teeth whitened, you are significantly increasing your confidence when you smile – so there'll be no more hiding your nashers behind thick scarves and turtle neck jumpers!

3) Breast surgery

Let's not pretend that women all love their breasts. In fact, a good percentage of them really don't. Sadly, we're so used to seeing perfection plastered across magazines that when our own assets don't match up, we feel inferior and seek help from medical professionals. Of course, not all women have an issue with size – for some it's the shape or lack of symmetry. And okay, not everyone sees them but at the end of the day we're our own worst critics and what we see matters most. If you are planning to have breast surgery because you want to enhance your bikini bod, definitely have the surgery performed during winter months. You have the perfect excuse to wear soft, comfy clothing as you heal and the scars will have fully healed by the time you are ready to strip off and sunbathe!

4) Permanent makeup

When the winter season comes around, we wake up to dark skies, go to work and come home to dark skies. Dark, dark, dark; it's all we get. All that dullness can really take its toll on your morning routine because putting your makeup on when it still feels like 3am is just…well…awful. Go to your nearest perm makeup clinic and have it done – you'll never regret it! Not only will you be able to wake up looking work-ready but you'll also have more time every morning to hit the snooze button again and again…okay and again.

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