Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Tragedy of Vicky Pryce

Vicky Pryce
If you pay only a little attention to recent official announcements or the UK news, you will get the clues of Vicky Pryce’s tragedy. Well, if not, here give chances to the whole story. 

Vicky Pryce-Successful Female Economist 

Vicky Pryce, who always wears a pair of prescription glasses and the sedate expression, shows such an intelligent and rigorous image to the audience. She is famous as one of the several successful female economists. Also, she was the former Joint Head of the United Kingdom's Government Economic Service and was made a Companion of the Order of the Bath in 2009. 

Vicky Pryce Known as Convicted Criminal 

However, what makes her really popular are not the achievements she produced in the past tens of years but a negative judgement entered on 7 March 2013. There she got the worldwide “fame” by the conviction of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and the sentence of eight months in prison. 

Vicky Pryce Stripped of Queen's Honor 

And yesterday she managed to get another large-scale attention by the Queen’s announcement, which finally stripped her honor of Companion of the Order of the Bath. And it also means that the name Vicky Pryce would be erased from the Register of the said Order. 

Envy-The Root of All Evil 

It is obvious that the three speeding penalty points she took for her ex-husband is the beginning of the whole tragedy, and her heavy envy is the real root of all evil. It is she herself ruined the promising career and fame in such a stupid way. What a tragic it is!

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