Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 Shoe Trends for Men and Women

Shoes could be a most appealing fashion accessory if used properly. There is a wide collection on fashionable shoes available into the market. All fashion-savvy people keep their eyes on latest shoe trends. In year 2013 shoe trends have taken a big twist by means of a style, look, color, and the shape. Nowadays, people are more affectionate towards funky shoe forms. The actual concept of shoe trends could get elaborated after comparing shoe trends available into women’s shoes and men’s shoes. 

Women’s shoe trends: 
Women’s shoe
Heel shapes and designs get counted in case of women’s shoes. If you are tired of wearing sandals and skyscraper heels then apparently its time to change your style demands. In year 2013, the sandalboot is somewhat that could fulfill all your style demands. Salvatore Ferragamo is a creator of this classic design. These women’s shoes have features like sexy open toes. 

Men’s shoe trends: 
Men’s shoe
In case of men’s shoes, boots are at the top this year. You are suggested to try Palladium boot. These boots have got excellent comfort and chic design. These boots look fashionable when they get paired with classic leather jacket or motorcycle jacket.

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