Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fashion Trends 2013 - Women's Formal Wear

This season women's formal wear fashions is so glamorous! The evening gowns for 2013 have that "old Hollywood look"... Very elegant, and somewhat lady like. The wonderful little black dress will take a bit of a twist, with its design statement, and as mentioned a bit of sparkle and will update itself with great sexy necklines. In regards to what colors are trendy this season - regal jewel tones, lots of black, and reds. As well as tons of soft tones of champagne and gold metallic's . Look for gowns with lots of fine ruching , and even a fuller skirt.

Dress lengths will plummet to the floor, and rise to the occasion to reveal lots of leg. The most popular length will be just above or just below the knee. This length seems to compliment the majority of women.

The V neckline is in trend, a V neckline can really show off ones declatie , and the halter neckline plays up a great shoulder-line. The deep scoop neckline is so wonderful to show off that wonderful jewelry.

Let's work our way down and talk shoes. Evening shoes are spectacular this season! Gold, silver, and velvet will be the in shoe. Strapped sandals with jewels will be the must have for your tootsies this season. If you are a velvet lover, the oh so plush velvet pump has made a screaming comeback , and will be not only worn for dress-up, but will also be worn with jeans...

In regard to what's up with evening handbags - one word, clutch! The velvet clutch, the sparkly clutch, the satin jeweled clutch... You name it, the clutch handbag is a must have for the well decked out woman...

The Jewelry this season will be opulent! The chandelier earring, bejeweled necklaces, large jeweled bangle bracelets will be all the craze for that special evening out. p> Jewelry will be bold , and oh so feminine - Did I mention regal...

This season, clothing textures, and colors are all about the gem tones... Rich classical jewel tones are holding their own this season . Jewelry is feminine, and sensual in design. The night time is the right time to have fun with a range of jewelry styles. 

Deep, warm, jewel tones continue to dominate both clothing and accessories this winter. Think of color when buying jewelry this season. Deep dark purple amethyst, rich royal blue, camel, burnt orange, ruby red, and greens from emerald to olive. Most of these are intermingled to produce a stunning look in jewelry. These wonderful colors can work together or alone, so have fun and experiment with mixing and matching. What else is big this season? Clear crystals like your grandma wore... Matched up with wonderful pastel toned gowns....Also lots of natural elements, such as wood is being used to make wonderful jewelry.What's up with the tone of metal, and texture? I have some love antique jewelry, so as you can imagine this is the year for me... The Current trend is leaning toward warm toned metals like gold, brass, and bronze. The antiqued metals give the trendiest ensembles and a regal dreamy oh so feminine look.Texture is key this season... As in jewelry as in fashion you will see this trend in jewelry. By the mixture of different sized stones, as well as mixing it up color wise. Finishes, and materials used will variety. Lots of filigree, and multi-strand chain will make their way to our retail stores. You will see different chain types and sizes, and loads of wide cuff bracelets. Necklaces, are adorned with ribbon, and natural fibers, even yarn mixed with more traditional metals and cord. You may be pleased to hear - necklaces have made a great comeback this season. Necklaces are statement pieces this season, they variety from the very long, and bold in design, to simple, with multiple long layers. As mentioned warm colors are especially prominent in designs. If you love vintage, pull out your antique jewelry. Mix old with new - it gives a great look.

Bracelets... Bangles, and cuffs, and jewels - Oh My!

Actually a bracelet can be thick or thin. If thin you will see them stacked. Bracelets can be or mono-tone, mixing styles, and colors is a big trend. The designers are showing wonderful creative styles. Especially with their bangles, you will see wrap bracelets with wire, adorned with beads and natural fibers, even fabric. So jazz up your wardrobe with loads bracelets this season...

Rings - Only one please...

The in Rings will be bold and chunky. With large oversized colorful stones, and enamels.Gold tones reign as the metal of choice. To pull off this look, I suggest you only wear one... You should not over do it by pushing it with two... Let that ring speak for its self. Again vintage is big in rings. Cameo rings that are large are wonderful... Feminine, yet bold.
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