Monday, June 17, 2013

Creative Headboard Ideas - How to Make Unique Headboards

Bed Headboards - The Conventional or the Unique?

The usual headboard is basically a piece that's attached to the head end of a bed and fitted to support your back whilst sitting up reading, or as a structure to place your plush pillows against.

Many people desire one that's an interesting decorative piece, something to enhance their bedroom decoration be it simple and functional, or intricate and slightly uncomfortable. As long as it looks good, it's fine.

But many of those types cost a lot of money, and if you are on a shoe string budget, you can still create a headboard that's becomes an attractive and pleasing part of your bedroom furniture.

Headboards - Focal Points of Well Designed Bedrooms
If you are in the process of changing your old headboard, or wish to create something fresh and different for your bed, you will find some useful headboard ideas here.

Headboards form the focal point in any well designed bedroom, so coming up with unique and attractive headboard ideas for your bed without expending a lot of money shouldn't be so hard once you get your creative juices running.

However, if you don't have a clue as to how you can create awesome headboard ideas for your bed, and you don't want to buy the typical headboards on the market, try to consider these simple ways of putting up a great idea that will enhance not only your bed, but the entire bedroom in a fantastic way.

Headboard Ideas Using Wall Decals

You can create a number of styles with a wide variety of d├ęcor items. For instance with carefully chosen wall art decals, you can create themes ranging from the fun and whimsical, to the sophisticated, mood enhancing, and dramatic.

You may feel more comfortable with a board placed against the wall to serve as headboard instead of applying art directly on the wall. If that's the case, get a cheap board (3/4") in any colour you desire ensuring all edges are lipped, and then apply the decal directly on board.

Voila! You've created a beautiful headboard for your bed.

Headboards created using decals works great for almost any kind of bedroom, and make pretty pictures if used in children's rooms and babies' nurseries.

Wall art, whether the contemporary designs, or the vintage inspired ones, can certainly add a touch of style to a large or small bedroom, giving the room a designer look.(Source:

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