Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aviator Glasses Are Coming Back

Aviator eyewear has first been introduced to American pilots in 1930s. At that time they were all aviator sunglasses. Overtime, aviator eyewear has also included aviator glasses. Some people like to wear aviator glasses for the masculine feel. For that matter, prescription and non-prescription aviator glasses are both popular. It is important to know that aviator glasses don't just belong to myopic and presbypic people. Anyone who likes fashion can be satisfied with non-prescription aviator glasses. There are many kinds of aviator glasses that require one's thoughts to choose the right one. See if this short article can be helpful to you. 
For men, comfort and fit are always their priorities. But women like more about fashion and good look. This has distinguished men and women for different kinds of aviator glasses. Most men find metal aviator glasses attractive and cool while most women like plastic colorful aviator glasses. Metal conveys a masculine message. Beautiful and exquisite design draw people's eyes. There are even tortoise aviator glasses. They are selling hot in these days for this pattern is always loved by women. 

The most fashionable shape for aviator glasses at this moment is square lens. Like most aviator eyewear, square aviator glasses have the original aviator flavor. Of course, men can also choose plastic aviator glasses. This depends on personal tastes, not just common trends. Actually, most aviator glasses are not pure metal or plastic. Mix-material aviator glasses are the majority. Metal front frame and plastic bendable arms are the most popular. If you want to upgrade your taste and status, go for gold, silver or titanium aviator glasses. Each of them has unique qualities and gloss that transmit a sense of power and status. Fashion is partly expressed in our glasses. Let aviator glasses be your fashion statement and buy glasses online to fill up your fashion wardrobe.

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