Thursday, April 18, 2013

Are you wearing the right eyeglasses?

Eye is the widow of our heart. However, for all kinds of reasons, most people are no longer having good eyesight. Myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia or astigmatism and other such eye problems have attacked lots of people. So they have to wear eyeglasses. But we should not wear eyeglasses randomly. There is a lot of knowledge about wearing eyeglasses. If you buy a pair of improper eyeglasses, it not only wastes your money, but also does harm to your eyes. So, ask yourself, are you wearing the right prescription eyeglasses?

When you first wear a pair of new eyeglasses, do you feel dizzy or have eye strain? If so, please don't think that you can adapt the eyeglasses for some time. You should never let your eyes to adapt to your eyeglasses. You feel dizzy may be caused by the improper prescription eyeglasses. A pair of improper eyeglasses will not provide you vision correction, but may make your eye disease more serious. Then, how can we get a pair of proper eyeglasses?

It is said by some eye experts that you should first know what causes your eyesight poorer if you want to buy a pair of proper eyeglasses. Especially for people who buy prescription glasses for the first time, you should first make sure that your poor eyesight is caused by ametropia but not by some other diseases. Besides, you should ask a proficient optometrist to have an eye test for you. Then you can buy eyeglasses from reputation eyeglasses store. At last, you should choose eyeglasses according to your habit of using eyes with the help of optician. It seems it is not complicated to buy eyeglasses, but there contains lot of knowledge in making prescription eyeglasses.

Besides, the accuracy of eye prescription is very important for buying a pair of suitable prescription glasses . Generally speaking, most people usually only pay attention to their eye power but neglect other reasons. As a result, the prescription eyeglasses may not suit them. Eye prescription should also include pupilary distance. Besides, if you have suffered from astigmatism, CYL and Axis are also needed. In addition, if you have ADD, you should also tell your ADD value to your optician. If there is any thing wrong with the above parameters, it will affect the accuracy of your prescription. So, you should take it seriously.

To summarize, you should have an eye test in eye care center before you buy prescription glasses. After you get your new eyeglasses, you should try it on, if you feel dizzy or have other symptoms, ask the optician to do an adjustment for you. Please remember that never let your eyes adapt to your eyeglasses.

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