Monday, March 31, 2014

You Have the Chance to Look at Woody Allen's Rarely Seen Daughter

 You Have the Chance to Look at Woody Allen's Rarely Seen Daughter

Woody Allen is nothing short of a male version of a female diva who doesn’t want to share anything with the public! The immensely talented director had maintained this in spite of the recent controversies and rumors regarding Dylan Farrow. He has always played it cool and on Wednesday he decided to play it even cooler by stepping out in public with a daughter, whom nobody has ever seen before! We are talking about Manzie, his youngest daughter. She is the second adopted daughter of Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi-Previn. Yes, the same woman who is also the adopted daughter of his ex, Mia Farrow! Along with Manzie, they also have another daughter, Brechet, who was born in China.

Whatever prompted his decision to come out with his rarely-seen daughter, Woody Allen looked smart and sure as always. In spite of that height and that age, there has never been any lack of confidence in the guy! He and his prescription glasses have become such a fixture that even if he chooses to disappear for a while, people will miss that! On Thursday too, he was seen wearing horn-rimmed glasses throughout taking a stroll with his daughter. We love the fact that he keeps the tradition of vintage style spectacles alive. 

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