Friday, January 10, 2014

Meryl Streep Looks Fantastic and Fresh Faced in Reading Glasses

Meryl Streep Looks Fantastic and Fresh Faced in Reading Glasses

Actress Meryl Streep was seen recently at a question and answer session for her film August: Osange County in Los Angeles. She co-stars with Julia Roberts in the film. She looks remarkably fresh faced and well maintained at 64. The film is a strong dramatic feature where Meryl portrays a mother’s complex relationship with her three daughters. The film is an adaptation of a play by Tracy Letts. Streep looked quite elegant with her blond hair pulled back, wearing reading glasses with fashion glasses frames. The reading glasses for women had thin glasses frames. The lenses were oval and rather smaller in size. 

The glasses suited her and gave her a studious air. She complemented the glasses with a coat which had a rather traditional yet unconventional design. She also added to her height with high heeled shoes. Her glasses gave her a mature look, which seemed to go with the rather intense and mature role she is playing. She was seen together with co-star Margo Martindale who plays her sister. She appeared relaxed and confident and fielded all kinds of questions with great ease. The actress was able to get some time to relax and recreate in the rural Oklahoma setting in which the shooting took place. 


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