Monday, December 9, 2013

Too Edgy for Words: Purple hair and Dark Wayfarers

Amber Rose was seen sporting a very trendy hairstyle, a buzz-cut with electric purple colouring which she was able to pull off with her good bone structure and cute features. She was wearing a tight black dress with pointy heels and an edgy leather jacket.
She looked very trendy and in tune with the latest fashion trends in her rocker hairdo and purple hair. She looked quite mysterious and reserved in her vintage glasses. Her dark sunglasses were rather large, with thick rims. The dark tones served to give her a rather mysterious and cool look. She had earlier posted a picture of herself in a pool with her son in a zigzag shaped buzz cut, her dark roots showed beneath her bleached hair.

Her wayfarer glasses served to give her a rather glamorous look as she was seen making her way to the Beyonce concert at LA’s Staples Centre. Her vintage glasses harked back to a more classical style and at the same time she could pull it off, looking trendy. She showed her maternal side in a number of tweets about her son, Sebastian with husband Wiz Khalifa. She spoke about the reduced sleep she was getting and her excessive worrying about her son.

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