Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Paris Hilton Poses in Private Plane in Square Sunglasses

The Paris Hilton Poses in Private Plane in Square Sunglasses
Paris Hilton has recently been posting a number of pictures of her in her private jet and has been doing so again recently. She posted the pictures as she travelled from LA to Miami. The star posted pictures of her as she travelled from Miami to Florida as well.
She was lamenting the fact that she travelled so much and wanted to get back home to Miami. She wore black leggings, a t-shirt with a picture of a grey tabby cat, trainers and a hoodie for her flight after she finished Art Basel. She wore giant square sunglasses and a large black baseball cap which added a rock-star touch.

A big blue designer handbag that she was carrying looked quite luxurious. Her getup was quite cool and trendy with sunglasses. The baseball cap and oversized sunglasses she wore complemented her long flowing blond hair very well. She also posted pictures of herself at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami, her dark sunglasses shielding her from the strong sunlight. She recently had a bitter spat with Lindsay Lohan concerning her brother Barron. She has posted a number of rather hostile messages. Her pictures of herself in her jet looked quite stylish.

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