Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The latest trends in fashion sunglasses

 fashion sunglasses

The Sunglasses that you wear play a vital role in defining who you are. Your character and aura depicted through your eyewear is undeniably significant. Nowadays, many trends have been introduced that largely allow you to make your choice distinctive and self-explanatory. 

The Randolph eyewear has created its line specifically for the U.S military and is designed in order to withstand and endure the test of time, and is therefore extremely durable. The frames are handcrafted which provides sturdy and unique characteristics to each of the shades. Also, this season of Spring has brought a plethora of new shades and the collection offered by various brands is extensive and distinctive. It was noted that this season on the runways and at various fashion exhibitions, round shaped shades and large oversized frames were the current style. This was the case with various brands namely Lil Sandler and Tory Burch. Additionally , brands such as Versace and Fendi have offered their colorful and vibrant eye wear collection with all sorts of peculiar shapes and sizes.

The 50's 'cat eye' and the 70's round framed trend of eyewear still seems significantly popular among the celebrities of Hollywood till today.

With our society becoming increasingly brand oriented, a good brand name is what everyone is looking for. And when it comes to brands, what can be more exotic than our beloved Prada? The sunglasses collection offered by this much luxurious brand consists of class, sophistication as well as distinction.

The Prada Triangle Crest Shield is the greatest rage nowadays! The brown color especially can bring out the best in these amazing shades. Well defined contours and a smart shape give these expensive and luxurious shades the season's catch! Moreover, the Christian Dior Lady 1, Rayban Aviators and Gucci's butterfly rimi are gorgeous options this summer! The class of Dior, the sleekness of Aviators and the color options for the butterfly rimi can make anyone give others a run for their money.

This summer is therefore filled with vibrance and exuberance expressed through colors primarily and shapes too. Squared and round, puny and extensive. All sizes and shapes seem to be welcomed by everyone. The point to be kept in mind, however, is that you will have to be very clever and selective when making a purchase, to make sure that the trendy shades you are about to choose, suit you well!

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