Sunday, December 22, 2013

January Jones' Vintage Style with Round Glasses

January Jones' Vintage Style with Round Glasses

January Jones was recently clicked on her way to a breakfast date with her son Xander. While she rocked a vintage look, her son was dressed like Santa’s little helper! The festive cheer was missing from his mother’s look who was dressed in a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. The white t-shirt had chain detailing on the sleeves and on the neck and made her look glamorous. Along with the t-shirt and the jeans, she also wore round vintage glasses which covered more than just her eyes! 

January may not have embraced the Christmas mood yet, but she for sure knows how to rock a vintage look! The round glasses helped her look like a distinguished celebrity and she managed to stand out amongst everyone. While walking with her son, she was seen picking him up because he got tired. She looked like a doting mother who is also fashionable! There was no sign of festivity on her face and she rather looked quite gloomy. Maybe she has been worried about something lately. But the dark sunglasses she wore managed to cover up all that and more. May she rock more such vintage style looks in the future in her round frame glasses.

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