Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ellen Pompeo in Her Cat Eye Glasses Helps Stella Pick out a Kids Christmas Tree

Ellen Pompeo in Her Cat Eye Glasses

Looks like there is a lot of green in Grey’s life! Ellen Pompeo, better known as Meredith Grey of “Grey’s Anatomy” was spotted on Sunday with her husband, Chris Ivery and daughter, Stella, at a Christmas tree stand.
Unlike other Hollywood families, they chose to stay away from all the giant trees and picked up a kids’ Christmas tree which was almost the size of their daughter! Their daughter, Stella, looked visibly happy with the choice of the tree and was seen sporting a cheery smile on her face while going back home. Ellen Pompeo held up a bag of mistletoe for our cameras which, she thankfully, didn’t forget to pick up. 

Other than being dressed for winter in a light pair of jeans, a black turtleneck, a jacket and a pair of boots, Ellen Pompeo also wore a pair of cat eye glasses which attracted all the attention towards her eyes. Her husband, on the other hand, chose to wear only a t-shirt with a pair of jeans along with a pair of wayfarer glasses. The glasses Mrs. Pompeo wore were over-sized and were almost rectangular in shape. They provided her eyes with a distinct appeal of their own and made her stand out in spite of her monotone clothes.

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