Monday, December 23, 2013

Alice Eve: Thick Black Glasses for Winter Wardrobe

Thick Black Glasses for Winter Wardrobe
Actress Alice Eve, best known for her acting roles in films such as “Sex and the City 2”, “Crossing Over”, and “She’s out of my League”, has increased the fashion quotient of her winter wardrobe by adding a pair of fashion glasses to it.

Spotted recently wearing a pair of thick black glasses, the actress looked classy and warmly dressed for the weather as she braved the winter cold with a pair of comfortable black boots, leather pants and a fur-lined jacket. Also significant among her winter wardrobe essentials was a bright red handbag that stood out in contrast to her outfit. Eve’s choice of black frame glasses is a good fashion choice for the fashion follower who wants to look intellectual and ever so slightly nerdy. The black frame stands out in contrast to the skin tone while the wide rectangular frames serve to frame the face and lay emphasis in the eye area.

Take a cue from Alice Eve’s fashionable eyewear choice by selecting a pair of black frame glasses that are suited to your facial structure. A number of options are available from budget as well as high-street brands, and assistant will be only too happy to help you pick your pair of fashionable black glasses.

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